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Can I download a SR-22 form from the Internet?


We are not aware of anywhere on the Internet where an individual can download the pink SR-22 form. We have attempted to facilitate it and most state motor vehicle agencies still require an agency or company printed form.

If you are in need of an SR-22 form than you need to have it filed for you by an insurance company after purchasing the insurance coverages you are required to by the state. Once you do so than the insurance carrier would file the SR22 with the proper state department. This is usually done within 3 days electronically.

You do not get the form yourself until you have bought the coverages you are mandated to by the state. The SR-22 form is something that the insurance company has and will file once you have purchased the insurance required of you by the state. Policyholders may be given the form to take to the license office depending upon what your state requires. Some carriers like Progressive may allow you to print proof of the filing when you buy through us.

In some situations, the SR-22 filing can be downloaded online or mailed to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles, or whatever state agency needs you to file this document. Some carriers offer instant SR-22s, while others require it to be filed before mailing it to you. We have also had state agencies call us and we were able to verify over the phone or with a fax, but that is not always available.

If you are required to file a SR-22, then you should contact your car insurance agent and advise them of the needed filing with your state. The form must be filed by an insurance company licensed through your state's insurance regulatory body normally.

Not all insurance companies file the SR22, certificate of financial responsibility, so you will need to make sure the insurance provider you have your auto insurance policy through does offer the filing of the SR22. If not you will need to change insurers by finding one that does file SR-22 forms for their policyholders.

On the Internet there are some examples of what SR-22 forms look like. For example here at the Missouri Department of Revenue site you can see an example of the SR-22 MO uses.

Each state has different form requirements, but the SR-22 form typically is a pink form that has your name, policy number, etc. The insurance carrier will electronically or manually (depending on the state) file with the Motor Vehicle department an acknowledgement that you have the SR-22.

If you are shopping for car insurance and need to file an SR-22 with the state be sure to tell any insurance company you get quotes with so you can verify they do offer this SR22 service. CarInsurance.com currently offers an SR-22 in most states through Progressive or Direct General.


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