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What are the qualifications of the named insured on an insurance policy? Why do they exist? For example, what is combineability?


From our glossary of car insurance terms you can read that a named insured is defined as any person, firm or corporation designated by name as the insured person(s) in a policy. Others may be protected by policy definition even though their names aren't on the policy, such as other drivers operating (with consent) the named insured's covered auto.

The qualifications of a named insured vary by policy contract and underwriting guidelines, not necessarily as a qualification to being a named insured, but rather party in the insurance contract by qualified underwriting. The policy contract requires a person or party to be named insured since that is whose name the insurance policy is issued in and contract is between.

Therefore, the named insured is any person or entity specified by name as the insured by the policy.There is also additional insured that may be on an auto insurance policy.

As the policyholder, you may specify any other person or organization for coverage under your auto policy. For example, your children or employees of your company may be added as the additional insureds on your policy. If you lease your car, the leasing company may specify in the contract who the additional insured may be as well as a lien holder or loss payee. This protects the leasing company if it´s named in a lawsuit for an accident caused by a policyholder.

Combinability refers to the ability to name multiple persons or entities on a policy as the named insured. Some policies allow combinability and others do not. It is not an issue for an auto policy.

If you have questions about the laws in your state regarding named insureds on auto insurance policies you can contact your agent or state insurance regulator.


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