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Question:   If my husband has insurance on his car, can I drive it if I'm not on his policy?  Do I have to be added?

Answer:  To be properly covered for driving your husband's vehicle, you should be added to his car insurance policy as a driver.

Most all car insurance companies require that all licensed household members, especially spouses, be listed on the policy as drivers. This way the auto insurance provider is able to assess accurately the risk that both you and your husband pose as drivers and calculate your premiums accordingly.

If your husband fails to inform his car insurance company that he is married and doesn't add you, as his spouse, to his car insurance policy, then it's possible that if you are driving his car and have an accident that they can deny coverage due to misrepresentation.

Misrepresentations is a form of insurance fraud and basically means that the policyholder didn't give the car insurance company all of the needed information, or the correct information, that the insurer requires to properly assess the risks they are taking on and charge accurate premiums for the car insurance coverage.

In your case, your husband not informing the auto insurance company about your presence in the house, and as a driver of his car, would be misrepresenting the household's risk to the car insurance provider.

If you want to drive your husband's car, then you should be added to the policy. If you were to drive his vehicle before being placed on the policy and be in an accident, then in some cases your accident would be covered; however, the insurer could require you and your husband to pay any back premiums that should have previously been paid for you to be on the policy as a listed driver.

Adding you to the policy may cause your husband's rates to rise, especially if you have a bad driving record. If his rates do go up, it is a good time for him compare insurance companies to get the most affordable auto insurance rates possible.