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What is the penalty for driving with expired registration in Maryland?


Answer:  In Maryland, what is the penalty for driving a vehicle that has an expired registration?

Question: If the license plates of a vehicle registered in Maryland are expired, meaning the registration on the vehicle is expired, then it's possible to be cited for for driving without registration.

Under Maryland Transportation Code section 13-401 (subsection b and c) it states that if a car is not registered a person may not drive it on the highways of this state by the owner or others.

You may have also been written up for unpaid registration fees (under subsection d of the Section 13-401). This is a separate offense from what we have read.

A person who drives, or attempts to drive. a vehicle on any highway in Maryland in violation of any of the registration laws is guilty of a misdemeanor.

The penalty for this type of misdemeanor is a penalty not exceeding $500. From the fine schedules for Maryland that we have read, it appears the fine is typically $280 for driving a car without registration or with expired registration.  However, no points are assigned to your driving record.

To find out the exact amount of your fine and what penalties you will face you should contact the court listed on your citation if you have been ticketed for this offense. You may see if renewing your registration and taking in this proof to court can help minimize your penalties.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) requires proof of insurance before you renew your registration, so make sure you have valid proof of liability insurance to show when renewing the vehicle's registration or else you have to pay a hefty uninsured motorist penalty.


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