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How old do you have to be in Alabama to own a car and have the title and bill of sale in your name?


The Alabama Department of Revenue told us that Alabama law does not provide for a minimum age requirement to own a vehicle and thus you can do so at any age. The state of Alabama does not have restrictions on the age one must be to buy a car and have the title in their name.

Even without a state law a dealership and financing company will likely have extra requirements if you are under 18 and thus still considered a minor. Normally for registration, financing and insurance contracts or legal documents will be signed and if you are a minor they will require you to have a parent or guardian sign on the forms with you.

If you are looking to buy a car as a minor then check with the dealership you wish to purchase the car from to see what guidelines they follow. Also shop around for insurance before the purchase and ownership of a car to see if you are able to get a policy of your own or will need a parent or guardian to sign on the car insurance policy with you. Normally an Alabama insurer will require a parent or guardian on the insurance policy if you are under 18 since it is a contract.

For more information on how to register and title a car in Alabama contact the Department of Revenue. To get insurance let CarInsurance.com help you find Alabama auto insurance rates.


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