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Can you register a car in New York state in your own name with a learner's permit if you are under your parent's insurance?


In New York State you must be at least 16 years of age or older to apply for motor vehicle registration according to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). New York laws do not require that you have a driver's license or learner's permit to apply for registration on a vehicle whether it is a car, a boat, a snowmobile, or an ATV.

The NYS DMV told us that there is no minimum age specified in New York laws to apply for a vehicle title certificate. So it would appear that at any age you could title a car but must be at least 16 years old to register a car in your own name. If you are a minor that has a learner's permit and are at least 16 years of age you can register and title a vehicle in your name without your parents needing so sign on. If you get your own insurance policy on a car that is in your name though the car insurance company will normally require a parent's signature.

Most insurance companies will not allow a teenager to start a policy without a parent or guardian signing on with them. This would especially be true if you do not yet have your full driver's license but only a learner's permit. Most all auto insurance providers would want a fully licensed driver on your policy with you until you get your full license. The parent or guardian would have to remain on your insurance contract (car insurance policy) until you became an adult, so at age 18 you should be able to take them off.

Typically if your parent's automobile insurance company will allow you to have your car under your parent's policy then you can. Not all car insurance providers will allow this, some will require you to obtain your own policy for the vehicle since you are the owner and your parents are not and thus they do not have insurable interest in the car to insure it under their policy.

The NYS DMV notes that Liability auto insurance needs to be issued in the name of the registrant and must remain in the registrant's name for the whole period of registration. A change in the name on the car insurance policy may cause a lapse of insurance according to the DMV which in turn would cause your driver's license and registration to be suspended. So you will need to make sure if you are able to get insurance under your parent's policy forĀ a vehicle that you registeredĀ that you are shown on the insurance card in such a way that your NYS DMV will accept it as proof of car insurance. If you cannot do so then you will need to get your own policy, but with a licensed parent signed on with you since you are a minor and with only learner's permit.

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