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How long is SR-22 required in Indiana?


Question: How long is SR-22 required in Indiana?

Answer:  In the state of Indiana, you must file an SR-22 with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) for three years.

The BMV in Indiana requires an SR-22 after a driver's license is suspended due to a conviction of a major traffic violation, such as leaving the scene of an accident (hit-and-run) or operating while intoxicated (OWI).  The BMV SR-22 requirements in Indiana say that "Proof of Insurance Required (SR-22)" is a requirement to reinstate your license.

The SR-22 isn't insurance, though, but rather a financial responsibility form that your car insurance company files with the state confirming that you will have the state-mandated car insurance coverages in place.  So, you need auto insurance to get the form filed, and that is why some refer to it as SR-22 insurance.

SR-22 requirements in Indiana

The SR-22 form proves that you have a car insurance policy that cannot be canceled without prior notice, and in Indiana, the form must be filed electronically by your car insurance provider before your license can be reinstated. Additionally, it must continue to be carried for three years after your license suspension ends. 

If at any time during the three-year period you don't have a current SR-22 on file or the BMV receives an insurance cancellation notice (electronically submitted on a SR-26 form by your insurer), your driving privileges will again be suspended.

When you get your driver's license reinstated, it will show the SR-22 restriction on it. The BMV states that a driver's SR-22 filing requirement should automatically be removed when the three-year term or court order expires.  This means when you apply for an amended or renewed license the restriction won't appear on your new license or your driving record once the restriction expires.

If your current insurer doesn't offer SR-22 filings, you will have to find an insurer that does and move your policy there. 

Even as a high-risk driver, you can still shop around and compare car insurance companies that do offer SR-22s.  Rates will vary widely. We work with many companies that offer this, just check “yes” in the box asking if you need a financial responsibility filing under the driver portion of our online quote form and we will help you find an insurer to fits your needs and file your SR-22.

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