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Auto insurance discounts to ask about



Auto insurance discounts to ask about

You do not have to be the best driver on the road to be eligible for discounts through your insurance company. Asking about available discounts is a great way to lower your premium. When you get a quote with CarInsurance.com, we ask all the questions to get you the available discounts. When you purchase through CarInsurance.com, we ask additional questions, specific to the company you are purchasing. This allow you to get company specific discounts. Here is a list of possible discounts that may be available to you through your auto insurance company.

Most common car insurance discounts:

  • Multi-Vehicle or Multi-Driver Discount
    If your policy/household insures more than one vehicle through the same insurance company it is likely you will qualify for a discount. This holds true for having multiple drivers in the household all insured by the same company as well.
  • Multi-Line Discount
    This is available to you if you purchase your homeowner or renter insurance policy through the same company that you have your car insurance. Some companies only sell auto insurance, so this would not apply. With CarInsurance.com and Safeco, in most states you can get an auto discount and a homeowners discount when purchasing a policy.
  • Safe Driver
    This is typically for the driver that has not had any accidents, tickets or claims in the last three to five years or even longer. This discount is applied. Companies verify this discount by checking your driving record.
  • Safety Features
    Car safety features are items such as airbags, automatic seatbelts, and anti-locks brakes. This is a good list to have when shopping for a new car. CarInsurance.com automatically includes standard vehicle features and we ask if your vehicle has any optional vehicle features. These are easy discounts to obtain.
  • Anti-Theft Devices
    Devices such as car alarms, VIN etched windows, Lojack, On Star, or disabling devices such as fuel or ignition cut-off switches. CarInsurance.com automatically includes this feature discount if it is standard on your vehicle and we ask if your vehicle has any optional vehicle features.

Other Limited Available Discounts:

  • Defensive Driver or Safety Course
    In certain states if you have taken a defensive driver or car safety course you will be able to get an insurance break.
  • Good Student
    In some states if you are a full-time student and maintain a B grade point average or above you can qualify for a discount.
  • Military
    In certain states, active or retired military members may be able to take advantage of a price reduction. There are also other special discounts if the personnel are shipped overseas.
  • AARP/AAA/Firemen Groups
    Member of this and other organizations can get affinity discounts if they are active members.
  • Profession Based
    A few companies have done risk studies and found that people with college degrees and in certain professions are less likely to have claims. A few of the professions that might be available for this type of discount are educators, engineers, and scientists.

These are not necessarily the only discounts available to you through your insurance company or in your specific state. To find out what discounts you may be eligible for ask your agent or insurance representative.

If there are no discounts available to you at this time remember to check back later in the year to see if any new discounts are available.

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