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Safe driver discount for completing AARP program


Question: Will Geico provide me safe driver discount if I complete the AARP driver safety program? I previously attended the course given by the AAA. And, if Geico does acknowledge and accept AARP's course, will the level of discount be the same as that of AAA?

Answer: You can only get one discount at a time for taking a driver improvement course or defense driving class with Geico or other car insurance companies.

If the discount period for taking an AAA driver improvement course is over and you want to retain that discount, then you will need to check with your Geico agent to see if the AARP driver safety program is accepted for a discount in your state. The driver improvement courses accepted by Geico for a discount vary by state.

In general, Geico offers a 5 percent to 15 percent discount to policyholders who successfully complete a driver improvement or defensive driver class and meet certain other requirements. In most states, you must be 50 or 55 years of age before the discount can be applied for taking a driver safety class.

AAA and AARP courses are accepted by Geico in some states for a discount. They are listed differently on the Geico application as there are different qualifications to comply with for the discounts.

Geico will apply a safe driver discount to your car insurance policy in many states if you meet all criteria required and successfully complete a driver improvement course. Here are a few examples from various states of the types of classes accepted and the discount you can get:

  • If you live in California, Geico says you could save up to 5 percent on applicable coverages by taking a defensive driving course. In California to be eligible for this discount you must have voluntarily completed a defensive driving course meeting the standards established by the National Safety Council (NSC).
  • Florida drivers can save up to 10 percent on applicable coverages by voluntarily completing a defensive driving course which meets the standards established by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Online defensive driving course offered by both the National Safety Council and the American Safety Council (United Safety Council) will work in FL.
  • In Texas, you can save up to 10 percent if you have voluntarily completed a Defensive Driver Course, Professional Driver Course, or Instructor's Course approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), including the State Board of Education or the Commissioner of Education, the National Safety Council and/or the American Safety Council.
  • In Pennsylvania, to get up to a 10 percent discount, you have to voluntarily complete a defensive driving course meeting the standards established by the PA Department of Transportation.

Many auto insurance companies also offer a good driver discount that you might qualify for.

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1 Responses to "Safe driver discount for completing AARP program"
  1. Visitor

    Thanks for writing this up for us. For me it's interesting to compare the approach in the NTSI materials, which sounds a bit scattered, with the tightly focused principles in the driver training program I took for one of my "writer's life experience" jobs a couple years back.

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