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The Premium Index tracks car insurance trends. With the number of online car insurance shoppers rising each month, offers this tool to show auto insurance premiums and customer rate trends. It is necessary to shop regularly because the same rate last year is not the same rate this year. Insurance companies regularly file new rates and shoppers are able to compare them at CPI is a great tool to help you see the national average, along with state by state comparisons of average auto insurance premiums. Premium Index - National Average - Past Year

Premium Chart
The CPI for the last 12 months shows the national average of car insurance premiums. We have seen some fluctuations, but the trend is steady.

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State Average Premium Change From August-2014 to September-2014

Auto insurance rates fluctuate monthly. This map shows the difference in average premiums by state. You can see how some states saw an increase this month, while others saw a decrease.

State Average Premium Changes & Trends

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