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Miami Car Insurance


Miami car insurance rates

Miami old townThis vibrant city's car insurance rates are among the highest in the country, and tops for the state of Florida. See how Miami compares with other Florida cities by clicking around the map below.

Auto insurance fraud is a problem across Florida, but in Miami, it's an art form. Florida requires all drivers to buy $10,000 in personal injury protection so that anyone in a car accident is guaranteed treatment. In some parts of the state, that costs as little as $100 a year for a good driver. Around Miami, it can cost 20 times as much.

No two insurance companies will price their coverage the same, and when confronting Miami's eye-popping rates, comparison shopping becomes all the more important. The savings could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The fraud issue isn't helped by sluggish traffic -- the Texas Transportation Institute's Planning Time Index estimates Miami drivers should leave more than an hour to complete a typical 20-minute trip -- and the highest number of auto accidents of any Florida county.

Matters aren't improved by Miami's mix of “creative” drivers who speed, yield instead of stop, fail to signal before turning, and drive while texting with the deliberate pace of tourists and visiting snowbirds.

Look to our Florida car insurance profile for what you need to know about insuring a car in the Sunshine State.

Why Miami car insurance rates are outrageous

Consider a population of 2,591,035 sharing only 3,500 miles of road, and the words “traffic nightmare” take on painful meaning. INRIX, a company that focuses on traffic information and apps, lists Miami as the 11th most congested city in the country.

Miami Car Insurance

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Miami car insurance requirements

Florida state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability $10,000
Minimum property damage liability $10,000
*Bodily injury liability not required by state; many carriers require $10,000/$20,000