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Is motorcycle insurance required in the state of Florida?


Motorcycle insurance requirements for the state of Florida can be confusing. Motorcycle insurance is not required to register a motorcycle in FL. However, if a motorcycle operator is charged in a crash with injuries, then the owner or owner/operator is financially responsible for bodily injuries and property damage to others.

If no liability coverage was in effect for the motorcycle at the time of the accident, then bodily injury/property damage liability insurance must be purchased and kept for 3 years to avoid license and tag/registration suspension or to reinstate license and tag/registration after suspension.

So liability insurance for motorcycle is voluntary and not mandatory unless you have caused an accident but it is highly recommended to be purchased for your protection. If you plan to carry passengers it is also a good idea to see if you need extra insurance coverage for them.

Another confusing law is the Florida helmet law and how it relates to insurance. Since 2000, the state requires helmet use by riders under age 21 and anyone that does not carry a minimum of $10,000 medical insurance coverage. Ride safe, make a CHOICE and ride free...

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  1. William

    I believe persons under 21 years of age are required to have some form of motorcycle insurance. Or if involved in an accident, risk loss of license and/or registration. Please research this.

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