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If a driver's license is revoked in one state, is there any other state where he could get licensed?

No, it is unlikely that you would be able to obtain a driver's license in another state if your current driver's license is revoked.

All states check the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) and/or National Driver Register (NDR) to see if a driver's license applicant is listed.

The PDPS helps search the NDR which is a central database of information on problem drivers (those whose license has been revoked, suspended, canceled or denied or have been convicted of serious traffic related offenses) provided by all 51 US jurisdictions.

Based on information received as a result of an NDR search, PDPS will "point" the inquiring jurisdiction to the State of Record, where an individual's driver status and history information is stored. The PDPS is intended to assist jurisdictions in the meeting the basic tenet that has been in the works of the US that "each driver, nationwide, have only one driver license and one record."

If you are moving and need to obtain a license in new state, you will need to clear up the issue in the state where your license is revoked in most cases before receiving a new driver's license.

For example the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles states that drivers must present a clearance letter from the Bureau or Department of Motor Vehicles in the state(s) in which he/she was suspended (or revoked) or PDPS must indicate an ELIGIBLE status.


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9 Responses to "If a driver's license is revoked in one state, is there any other state where he could get licensed?"
  1. mark bruce

    What if the suspension has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of moving violation and the driving record is clean?

  2. Visitor

    I was told Georgia is not compact either. Residence is the only thing you have to do. Don't think you can go back to the state that revoked your driver's license.

  3. Anonymous

    Just found info from an attorney in Colorado. Persons suspended in other states can get a Colorado Administrative hearing to determine if they are eligable for a Colorado license. In the case of Michigan with lifetime revocation, Colorado can be a great option.

  4. Anonymous

    I think it is bull that if I have a revoked license in Michigan that I cant get a license in another state! Not having a license has ruined my life!!! I know I have 2 drunk driving charges but they punished me way too long and hard! I hate the system and believe that keeping ones license away from them for years as they have mine is just absurd. How can I be a productive member of society without a car to get me from place to place???

  5. Anonymous

    Thank You for answering my question....Now I can call my DAD in Utah and tell him its the computer age and if you play you pay. A lot if not most people will eventually get pulled over with a call from someones cell phone to 911. All three of mind were before the change in law to 10 years, but, it makes no difference if the law changes and you dont know. Life style change is now on order A.A., Sobriety is my game. Thanks again...

  6. Anonymous

    It they still didnt. Answer my questions

  7. Anonymous

    tennesse, michaigan and wisconsin do not report or hold out of state recovations against you, they are not compact states.

    1. ANONYMOUS October 04, 2013 at 11:22 AM

      Are there any states I can get a license in? Maybe New Jersey or Maryland? Maybe even Florida? Does anyone know? I am revoked in Massachusetts and am thinking of moving to New Jersey, but I also have friends in Maryland, Florida, and and Pennsylvania.

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  8. Anonymous

    Very precise. All the information I needed without pointless info.