Your car insurance rates will go up 22% to 30%, on average, after a speeding ticket, according to a rate analysis.

Key Highlights
  • Even one speeding ticket could increase your rate by 22% – 30% at your next renewal and result in at least three years of higher premiums.
  • Losing a safe driving discount will increase your rate by another 34% in some cases.
  • North Carolina insurance rates went up 50% for driving 11-16 miles over the speed limit. Montana was the lowest at 8%.

Car insurance rates after a speeding ticket

How much more you'll pay for car insurance after a speeding ticket depends on a variety of factors, how fast you were driving, your state, your insurance company and your driving record are chief among them.

In general, you can expect to pay about $290 more a year once you've been cited for speeding.

What are driver’s license points?

Every time you get a speeding ticket, points are added to your driver’s license. But these points aren’t like the good kind as you’d score in a game. Instead, points on your driver’s license are strikes against your driving record and can result in license suspension or removal.

The number of points assigned per speeding ticket varies by state and infraction. There are nine states that do not currently use a driver’s license point system. They are:

  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

The number of points on your driver’s license is not what determines your insurance rate increase, for most insurers. Insurance companies are more interested in your driving history, in general, including the number and type of violations.

How much car insurance goes up for a speeding ticket in every state

A 2020 rate analysis by shows that the following states are the most expensive for speeding tickets in terms of how much more you pay for coverage after a violation.

Speeding 11 to 16 mph over the limit:

  • Michigan
  • California
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Louisiana
  • Wyoming
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • Alabama

Below you'll see the increase to rates by state, both as a percentage hike and the dollar amount, on average.

Enter your state in the search field below to find out how much more you can expect to pay.

Car insurance rates goes up for a speeding ticket in every state
State % Increase 11 to 16 mph Over $ Increase % Increase 16 to 29 mph Over $ Increase % Increase 30 mph Over $ Increase
North Carolina50%$58350%$58350%$583
North Dakota21%$23721%$23721%$237
New Hampshire23%$26723%$26746%$531
New Jersey17%$24126%$37332%$455
New Mexico19%$28319%$28319%$283
New York12%$14618%$21918%$219
Rhode Island21%$42121%$42128%$554
South Carolina16%$21016%$21030%$412
South Dakota18%$22418%$22418%$224
West Virginia15%$22019%$27747%$689
Wyoming28%$44328%$44328%$443 commissioned Quadrant Information Services to field rates from up to six major insurers in 10 ZIP codes in every state for a driver of a 2017 Honda Accord, age 40, with good credit and full coverage and $500 deductible; increases shown are an average from the base rate.

Cheapest car insurance company for speeding tickets

The exact increase you see for speeding will depend on your state laws, how fast you were driving, your driving record and your insurance company. In part, that's because car insurance companies treat traffic tickets differently -- they each assess risk using their calculations.

For example, data below show how much rates increase, on average, among six top insurers for a ticket speeding 16 to 29 miles over the limit:

  • Nationwide – 19%
  • Allstate – 20%
  • Farmers – 24%
  • State Farm – 27%
  • Progressive – 31%
  • Geico – 31%

It's important to remember that you may also lose a safe-driver discount in addition to paying higher rates. Here is a real-life example:

  • According to a study, the average car insurance policy in California costs $1,783 a year.
  • If you have a clean driving record, most California companies offer a discount. That discount is typically a 25% savings ($446 per year). So, using these averages, a driver with a clean driving record is paying $1,337 a year for car insurance.
  • One speeding ticket could remove that discount and increase your rate by 34% in addition to the lost discount. That is a $605 increase a year, or $1,815 over three years; companies usually surcharge for three to five years.

When will my rate go up? Should I shop for a new policy after a ticket?

Typically, your rate won't be increased until your policy renewal because that's when your insurance company reviews your driving record.

Since the chances are good that your rates won't go up until renewal, it may be wise to stick with your insurance company until your policy is a few months from expiring. But then it makes sense to shop around.

Some insurers will still offer a low rate to drivers with a spotty driving record, while others will raise rates significantly -- each assess risk using its own calculations. If you've experienced a rate hike, you can still save money by doing a car insurance comparison to see who has the lowest cost.

Multiple speeding tickets can double your car insurance increase

If you get numerous speeding tickets within three years, you may be classified as a "high-risk driver" and therefore pay much higher rates than if you were cited just once for exceeding the limit.

For instance, you'll pay an average of 43% more after two speeding tickets, which is near twice the amount for one ticket, according to's data.

Busted for speeding: Should you lawyer up?

A 2020 survey found that some speeding excuses drivers give cops to prevent tickets are more successful than others. Among them, claiming you didn't realize you were speeding.

If your excuse didn't work, and you want to fight the ticket, our survey also provides information on how much drivers spent on traffic lawyers to help appeal their case and if they felt it was worthwhile.

Frequently asked questions about how speeding tickets affect your insurance

In general, yes. You should expect an increase of 22% to 30% at your next renewal. However, there are some insurance companies that do not increase insurance rates after one ticket depending on how fast you were going.

There is a correlation between driver’s license points and insurance rates. A speeding ticket adds points to your license and also increase insurance rates.

But insurance companies determine rate increases based on your driving history including the number and type of violations, not on the number of points. Though a high number of driver’s license points is indicative of poor driving history, the number of points does not determine the rate increase.

Though you should not be deceitful if asked, you are not required to report a speeding ticket to your insurance company. Luckily for them, you don’t need to.

Before each renewal, your insurance company will check your driving history through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If the speeding ticket is on your driving history, the insurer will see it.

During your insurance renewal period, the insurer will do a variety of reviews to determine your new rate. One thing they check is your driving record. This is where they would discover any speeding tickets or other traffic violations that may warrant an increase in rates.

The verdict how much insurance rates go up after a speeding ticket

With most insurers, you should expect your car insurance rates to increase after a speeding ticket between 22% to 30% at the next renewal.

Car insurance companies use your perceived risk as a driver to determine your insurance rates. Drivers with speeding tickets and other traffic violations that show up in their driving history are considered higher risk and more likely to file claims.

In addition to the rate increase resulting from a speeding ticket, you may also lose safe driving discounts which will increase your rate even more. The speeding ticket will show up for around three years, which means that one lapse in judgment on the road can result in years of increased premiums.

As your renewal approaches, be prepared to shop around. Any insurer who gives you a car insurance quote will be aware of your speeding ticket, but they may offer a lower rate than your current provider.

We also recommend enrolling in a driving course that not only teaches safe driving skills but also may result in a discount from your insurer. Practice safe driving from here on out to avoid another speeding ticket, rates increases and a lot of stress.