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Teach teenagers how to drive in winter



Teach teenagers how to drive in winter

Remember your first time driving in the snow. It was probably scary and thrilling all at the same time. It important to teach your teenager how to drive properly in wet, winter weather. Your youth will be on the roads with you and others and they need to know how to handle the conditions.

Getting a driver's license and learning to drive is challenging for anyone. When you are a teenager, it is exceptionally exciting to go for a drive. Unfortunately, teens are more easily distracted behind the wheel than most. They talk to friends, talk on the phone, and do not always focus on the road. This is why it is so important to discuss with your youth the dangers of driving during in winter weather and explaining how it takes their full attention.

Here are the some tips on what information to pass onto your teen:

Slow Down

First, tell the teenager that when the roads get wet with snow, slush or ice they need to slow down. Driving slowly will allow them to get to their destination safely. Slowing their pace down will allow them time to react if the car begins to slip and slide or if a car near them skids into their path.

Leave Enough Stopping Distance

Driving slowly also means the teen should have plenty of stopping room. Drive leaving enough room to stop suddenly if the conditions call for it. Remind the teen that with snow or ice the car will not react as it would on dry pavement. It will take longer for the car to come to a complete stop.

Do Not Be Aggressive

It is best if your teenager is never an aggressive driver but in wet winter weather, it is most important. Being overly aggressive using the gas or brake could cause the car to skid and crash. Remind them they do no want to end up in a ditch calling you to pick them up and them being responsible for paying you back for a damaged vehicle.

What to Do In a Skid

Explain in detail the different reactions a car might have in the different winter conditions. Especially explain that because the tires cannot grip the road sufficient in ice or snow the car might begin to skid. If this occurs, they should take their foot off both the brake and accelerator and try to steer through the skid. As the car comes back into control, they should be able to apply the brake and stop the car.

Once the winter weather conditions come to your part of the country it would be wise to reinforce the tips you have passed on by taking your teen out for a drive. Find a vacant lot with plenty of room for them to make a few mistakes in the snow or ice and not harm the car or anything outside of it. It also would be wise to check over the car with the teenager so both you and they are certain that the car will not break down in the cold.


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