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Helpful hints on how to save money on gasoline



Helpful hints on how to save money on gasoline

Gasoline prices continue to rise. It does not matter the reason why or even when hikes in prices will stop at this point. What you need to know is how you can cut costs by needing to fill up at the pump less. Here are some helpful hints on how to save some money on gasoline.

Your goal is to save money at the gas pump. The best way to save is to have to fill up less and use less gas whenever possible. There are a number of things you can do to accomplish this goal and none of them are very hard or will take you very long.

First thing you can do to save gasoline is plan out your driving trips. What you do for this is to take a few minutes at the beginning of the day and decide where all you need to drive to and get done during the day. Some days you might just be going to work and back or school and back. For these types of days your planning time will be basically nothing. Other days you will needs to buy food, pick up items and run various errands.

Once you have your list of where you need to go see if you can combine any of your errands. If you can cut out a couple of stops you are already saving your self time and gasoline. When you have your final list of places to go it is now time to map out what the most direct route is to get to your different locations. You want to try to go in a big circle that starts and ends at our house. You do not want to continually be backtracking and driving extra miles unnecessarily. If you are not a planner like this it might take a few tries to get used to mapping out your trips or errands. After a few times though planning your driving trips will seem like second nature to you.

It is now time to get your hands dirty. By this I mean it is time to save money by looking at your actual vehicle and how it can help you save at the pump.

Hopefully you took into account gas mileage when you purchased your vehicle. Try to buy one that gets in the high twenties if not thirties on the highway. The new hybrid cars will get you even better mileage.

Keep your car finely tuned. Cars with clean air and oil filters will run better and get better mileage. There are many other parts on the car that keep it running and in good condition. Problems with the fuel, ignition or emission systems can hinder engine performance. Engine performance is directly related to gas mileage. A tune up makes sure all of these parts and pieces are doing their job properly which not only adds longevity to your car plus saving you on gasoline purchases.

Check your tire pressure. This can be very important. Not only will it help the ride and feel of the car but it will keep you safer because under or over inflated tires can cause a blow out. Having tires with pressure that is 10% too high or too low can cut back 10% on your gas efficiency.

Checking your tire pressure will just take a few minutes and is easy to do, especially with the digital tire pressure gauges that are available. A new way to check on your tire pressure that is even simpler with new valve stem caps that change from green to red if your tire pressure is not in the optimal range. Newer cars are to be fitted with a system that will detect and alert you if the tires are at least 25% low. This new system is to begin to be phased in with 2006 models and should be totally concluded by 2008.

Other hints of how to save and fill up less are common sense. Do not drive at excess speeds. Accelerate slowly off the line at stop lights instead of putting the pedal to the metal. Do not drive with your windows down or your air conditioning on high. It is better for gas mileage if you use you air conditioner on a low setting.

Getting the most out of your gas mileage does not have to be hard. There are simple things you can do to keep the money in your purse instead of your gas tank. If you plan your trips and take car of your car while using common sense you will begin saving money at the pump very soon.


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