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I am 16. I have a MA learner permit. Can I drive in NH with it as long as I have a parent in the car?

No. You are not allowed to drive in New Hampshire with a learner's permit from Massachusetts, or any other state.

A New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) representative told us that this state does not accept any out-of-state permits. The DMV said that they do not recognize an out-of-state learner's permit as a license to drive on their roadways, no matter the age of the driver or if the driver would abide by their permit restrictions, such as having a supervising licensed driver with them.

The good news is that though you cannot drive in New Hampshire, if you want to drive in other states, with your parent as a supervising driver, you should be able to since your home state and many other states let you do so. 

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles told us that they do not restrict someone from using their Massachusetts learner permit or junior operator's license (JOL) while out-of-state, if that state allows it. So as long as it is not a violation of another state's law, which it unfortunately is in New Hampshire, you can drive out of Massachusetts with your permit.

Most other states do allow permit holders to operate on their roadways. Other states around Massachusetts, such as Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island, recognize out-of-state permits and will allow you to drive there with your parent supervising you.

Before driving out of Massachusetts, it is best to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles of states you want drive in with your permit and verify that your permit is valid there and find out what restrictions they will require you to follow.

Typically other states will mandate that you follow your home state's learner permit restrictions, but some states will also have you abide by the conditions they place on their own permit holders.

Also, when driving out of state, your parents should check with their car insurance company to make sure you are properly covered. If you are not yet on their policy it might be time for them to shop around for the best car insurance prices, since as a teen your rates will be high.

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  1. Anonymous

    I phoned the NH DMV today and was given the opposite answer. I specifically made it clear that we were not NH residents and that my license was from Massachusetts. She said as long as the age requirement is met, has proof or age with him, and a 25+ licensed parent or guardian in the seat next to him that he is OK.