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What if I make a late payment?


Each of our insurance companies has differentguidelines and procedures for late fees.

On most monthly payments you have a graceperiod before a late fee is charged.Some companies charge a late feeafter 10 days, while others charge it after 5 days. It depends on the carrierand state guidelines. We understand that late payments are a part of life,especially in these difficult economic times. We will do everything we can, asyour agent, to help you stay covered with minimal additional expense.

It's very important to keep your autoinsurance premium payments current. Failure to make payments can result in acancellation of your auto insurance coverage. To make a payment online, loginto your account and click on the "Pay My Bill" link, or with someof our carriers follow the link to their payment system. Now it is easier withCarInsurance.com because most carriers will automatically take your monthlypayments from either your checking account or credit card. This helps keep youcurrent, saves your time, and it saves you money by avoiding late fees.


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  1. Anonymous

    I wrote this blog to try and make money off it and tried to post this stupid comment on CarInsurance.com: I was recently late on my payment to Progressive and was a little scared about calling them up after they dropped me. I was several days late and past being dropped but I called them up to see if I could make payment and keep my current policy active. I was surprised when I was able to talk them into getting $18 off my bill. I wrote about over here at...