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What happens if I drive my car with a suspended registration?



Most states have similar statutes, but you will need to check your state's regulations for detailed information. Usually a suspended registration means a suspended driver's license. Typically, if a person's license is suspended they are not allowed to register their vehicle until the suspension penalties are paid. CarInsurance.com professionals have answered many questions that will help you learn your specific state penalties. Follow this link to find questions and answers about driving with a suspended license.

A suspended license is a difficult situation in the world of automobile driving. In any individual state there are thousands of people on the road at any given time that are driving on a suspended license and registration. Many are not even aware of it.

The basic question reflects the short answer. Many people do drive while their license is suspended and they can get away with doing so until they get caught by a police officer. They are usually caught when a minor infraction occurs such as a parking light that is out, a brake light, or a license tag newly out of date. It can occur with a more major infraction like speeding or getting into an auto accident.

Getting stopped while driving on a suspended license is the hard part. Not only was your license suspended, which you may or may not have known about but also, now you will be ticketed for driving on a suspended license. This will cost additional fines and penalties to get a valid license active again. Insurance rates are more negatively affected by these types of infractions. In many states, officers have the right to put the driver directly into jail.

Sometimes a person's license could be suspended and he or she may not be aware of it, such as a mailing from the state which was not received requesting payment of a traffic fine. Some occur if an insurance company cancellation did not get into the mailbox because the driver moved and forgot to tell the post office or the insurance company their new address. Drivers will not get mailed information about their license or registration if the Drivers License office or insurance company does not have your correct address. Unfortunately, whatever the reason, you will still have to pay the extra fines unless you go to court and the judge finds your situation unique.

The license and registrations can be suspended for several reasons. Getting a traffic ticket and not paying the fine; receiving too many traffic violation points in a 12 or 18 month period, giving false information on a license application, failure to pay child support, not stopping for a school bus, not carrying required vehicle insurance, refusing to take a blood alcohol test if suspected of driving under the influence, and if under the age of 21, depending on the state, there can be harsher penalties.

The laws are designed to protect drivers and their passengers in traffic, and to promote and enforce financial responsibility in case of accidents. Licenses can also be flat revoked for a variety of infractions, again depending upon the state or country.

Suffice it to say, it is much easier to comply with your states traffic regulations than to have to go through the hassle of complying with various traffic court fines and then paying fines and penalties to get a license or registration out of suspension.

CarInsurance.com tries to help insure every driver with simple, one-stop shopping so you can purchase insurance immediately.

Driving a vehicle is serious and it can be deadly. It requires our full time attention, maintaining vehicle insurance, and constant awareness of road and traffic conditions. Our advice; don't drive on a suspended license, and don't drive without car insurance. Safe drivers save lives and also save on the costs of auto insurance.


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