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Car necessities for winter time weather



Car necessities for winter time weather

Driving in the winter time means you will likely face treacherous road conditions. You will be forced to drive in the snow, sleet, frozen rain and ice to get to work or back to your place of dwelling. To make it through the season without issues make sure your car is prepared and stocked with the proper necessities.

As the temperatures drop weather conditions change and allow for inclement weather that affects roads and drivers. If you are not prepared properly a bad winter storm can become a serious problem for a motorist stuck out in it. Make certain that you are not the driver stuck in this predicament.

First start with your car, get it in good mechanical condition before the season changes. As autumn drags on take your vehicle in for a tune up or inspection by a mechanic. If you are mechanically inclined you can do some of this work yourself.

Check your spark plugs, ignition, battery and alternator; all of these items help you start your car in the morning. Next inspect hoses and belts for any holes, cracks or tears. Change out your fuel and air filters. Give the car an oil change, which includes changing the oil filter. Check all fluid levels, especially the antifreeze. Check the tires tread and air pressure.

Once you are certain the car is in good working order and that no major repairs are needed you can now move on to getting the necessities stored in your vehicle. Even if the car is working well now, there is the chance that it could breakdown. There is also a chance that the weather will not allow you to drive and you must stop on a road trip or you could be in an accident. If any of these scenarios occur you need to have the proper items with you.

In the car keep a flashlight and cell phone if possible; they will be vital to you. Keep a tire pressure gauge to keep your tires properly inflated. Check your spare tire and make sure it, the jack and lug wrench are all stored in their proper places. Other larger items you can place in the trunk. These items should include jumper cables, a shovel, tire chains, bag of salt or kitty litter, a small tool box with basic tools inside and a medical kit.

When starting out on a trip try to have a full tank of gas and carry extra water or antifreeze in the trunk. You might also store some imperishable food items and drinking water in the car or trunk. This might be your saving grace if caught out in a storm. Other items that will help you in winter weather are a compass, ice scraper, snow brush and signaling devices such as flares or reflective triangles. Bring along extra warm clothing, gloves and even a blanket, they will come in handy if you have to wait in the car for help or become stranded.

Living and driving in the snow is a way of life for many people that dwell in areas of the world where winter time weather is severe. The best way to keep you from being caught in the cold is to be prepared before the season starts. Have your car tuned up and in good mechanical shapes and then stockpile the essential items that will carry you through till spring weather arrives. With the correct necessities you can make it through till the flower buds start to blossom without getting frostbite from car problems or the blustery cold.


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