Question:  I was driving to work and came upon a flooded road after a heavy rainstorm. I couldn't turn around so drove through the floodwater. Will my insurance cover damages from flooding? Will a deductible be due?

Answer:  Yes, damage to your car from flooding will be covered if you have optional comprehensive insurance

When the insurance adjuster looks at your vehicle, he will determine if it can be repaired or be declared a total loss due to flood damage. Either way, your deductible will be due.

It may be true that the road being flooded was not your fault, and you had no option but to drive through the high water; however, your comprehensive deductible is due whether the accident is your fault or not.

The good news is that a comprehensive auto insurance claim won’t normally cause your car insurance rates to go up. Comprehensive claims don’t usually affect your future car insurance premiums, as a collision claim can.