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How do I cancel my insurance with your company?


At we offer coverage from many different auto insurance carriers. Each carrier has their own simple process for cancellation. In addition, each state has their own legal requirements regarding the cancellation of a car insurance policy.

The easiest way to figure out the steps to cancel your policy with us is to call our customer service center at 1-855-430-7753.

Typically what is needed to cancel your insurance policy with our partners and affiliates that we offer coverage through is a signed form stating your cancellation request. Some states have certain limitations that are required to comply with state laws. You can fax your signed request to us if you prefer, fax your signed request.

In order to cancel your policy you can contact the carrier directly (Esurance, Safeco, etc.) or you can call our customer service center. They will direct you to the proper department or immediately help you complete your request.

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If you cancel your auto insurance policy and are entitled to a refund, we will send you a check refund for your auto insurance policy cancellation.

If you wish to cancel your policy with your current insurer you have but need to shop around for coverage with another company you can get instant car insurance quotes here. If you still have a vehicle to insure make sure you obtain new coverage for it before canceling your current auto insurance policy. If you have a lapse in coverage you can be handed severe penalties.Some states' penalties include not only fines but registration and driver's license suspension for a lapse in car insurance coverage.



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