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Why should I continue past the Quote Options page after I put in my zip code for a quote at CarInsurance.com?


We get a lot of feedback about our Quote Options page.

It can be confusing to consumers who enter their zip code and then they are presented with a list of companies. When you click on those companies, you are then directed to their web site to complete a quote and/or get a policy.

We hope that consumers will click the Continue button at the top of the Quote Options page and complete a quote and policy with CarInsurance.com! That way they get the benefit of using CarInsurance.com.

We have found that many consumers like to shop and we offer that as an alternative to getting an immediate quote with CarInsurance.com. Most consumers check rates on those sites and then Continue with us and get a rate with one of our insurance companies. These are some of the companies that try to attract car insurance consumers through our Online Insurance Marketplace™:

  • Geico
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Progressive Direct
  • AARP
  • State Farm
  • MetLife
  • Numerous auto insurance leads sites like:
    • NetQuote
    • QuoteWizard
    • US Online Insurance
    • Lowest Policy
    • QuoteScout
  • You may also see companies that you compare and purchase if you Continue with CarInsurance.com, like:

That is the majority of the current online car insurance marketplace.

When you Continue with CarInsurance.com you are presented with these simple pages:

  • Vehicles
    Simply select the year, vehicle make, and model along with a few questions to help you get discounts and an accurate rate.
  • Drivers/Household Residents
    Supply information about each household resident.
  • Violations or Incidents
    Let us know if you have had any traffic incidents.
  • Discounts
    Household residency, length of time, credit, and prior insurance.
  • Coverage Selection
    We offer the most comprehensive coverage screens on the web to get you the right customized coverage.
  • Address/Account Setup

Then, you will be presented with carriers that we offer in your state based upon the information you provided. This is your auto insurance quote. You can select a company and Purchase Online, Save and retrieve the quote later, or call our call center to assist you.

Once you select a company, we will ask more detailed questions in each category, pull any underwriting reports and supply you with a final verified, accurate rate. You can then purchase online or call our call center to complete the policy and print your proof of insurance. Our goal is to give you choice, accuracy and reliable coverage!

These are the companies that CarInsurance.com gives immediate quotes and policies online and why you should Continue past the Quote Options page to get the full benefits of entering your information once and seeing multiple prices at one website called CarInsurance.com:


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