Happy woman buying new carYou'll likely hear the phrase "make and model" when you're shopping for a car or getting auto insurance. "Make" refers to the vehicle's manufacturer, such as Ford or Chevrolet. "Model" is the name of the product.

Many types of products have makes and models, including refrigerators and washing machines, computers and smartphones like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Examples of vehicle makes and models are Ford F-150, Honda Civic and Nissan Rogue.

A car's make and model influences your auto insurance rates. Insurers drill down even further and take into account body style and trim level. The body style refers to whether it's a sedan, hatchback coupe or station wagon. The trim level is often the letters at the end of car names like DX and LS. For instance, Honda Civic LX or even Honda Civic Sport Touring.

An EX might look the same or almost identical to you as an LX, but they are different in some way whether it's equipment or amenities. To an insurer, they are different vehicles with different claims records. You could pay hundreds more to insure the same make/model, but with different body style and trim levels.

How and Why the Type of Car you Drive Affects your Car Insurance?

When devising car insurance rates, auto insurance companies also take into account your driving record, ZIP code and the demographics of the drivers of the vehicle, including age.

Insurance companies want to limit risk. If an insurer finds that it pays out more claims for a specific make and model, it will consider that vehicle riskier. That means higher insurance rates on those vehicles. Some reasons why could be a make/model gets into more accidents or is stolen more than other vehicles.

An insurer will also take into account safety features on vehicles and the cost of claims. A sports or luxury car that costs more to fix will cost more to insure than a standard pickup truck.

Your ZIP code also plays a large role in your rates. Insurance companies will set higher rates for ZIP codes with higher claims. You can find out your ZIP codes' average car insurance rates by checking out CarInsurance.com's Average Car Insurance Rates.

Before buying a vehicle, it's a good idea to check how much it will cost to insure. If you're buying a new car, go to Insure.com's new car insurance tool. To get an idea of rates for top-selling used vehicle make and models, you can also review the chart below:

You'll also see in the chart below the most and least expensive used cars to insure for 2006 to 2016 model years. Enter a year between 2006 and 2016 in the search field to see the rankings.

Average Car Insurance Rates by Year for 2006 to 2016 Models

Year Make Model Average Annual Rate
2006 Least expensive used car rates
2006HondaOdyssey LX$922
2006ChryslerTown & Country$923
2006DodgeCaravan SE$925
2006DodgeGrand Caravan SE$955
2006FordEscape XLS$956
2006JeepWrangler SE$957
2006FordEscape XLS$958
2006ChevroletExpress G1500$959
2006HyundaiTucson GL$963
2006ToyotaSienna CE$964
2006ChevroletExpress G1500 LS$965
2006 Most expensive used car rates
2006MercedesS65 AMG$2,141
2006MercedesSL65 AMG$2,016
2006AudiA8 L Quattro$1,893
2006JaguarXKR Victory Limited$1,768
2006MercedesG55 AMG Grand Edit AWD$1,703
2006Porsche911 Carrera 4S$1,678
2006MercedesS500 AWD$1,653
2006Land RoverRange Rover Westminster$1,651
2006JaguarXK8 Victory Limited$1,632
2007 Least expensive used car rates
2007HondaOdyssey LX$936
2007DodgeCaravan SE$937
2007ChryslerTown & Country$944
2007FordEscape XLS$965
2007JeepWrangler X$966
2007JeepCompass Sport$967
2007HyundaiTucson GLS$972
2007FordEscape XLS$972
2007ChevroletExpress G1500$978
2007 Most expensive used car rates
2007MercedesS65 AMG$2,274
2007MercedesSL65 AMG$2,073
2007MercedesCLS63 AMG$1,944
2007Porsche911 GT3$1,923
2007AudiA8 L Quattro$1,919
2007MercedesS550 4MATIC AWD$1,788
2007Porsche911 Carrera 4S$1,748
2008 Least expensive used car rates
2008HondaOdyssey LX$952
2008JeepWrangler X$966
2008FordEscape XLS$986
2008ChryslerTown & Country LX$988
2008JeepPatriot Sport$990
2008ChevroletExpress G1500$991
2008HyundaiTucson GLS$997
2008HondaCR-V LX$998
2008ChryslerTown & Country LX$1,001
2008DodgeGrand Caravan SE$1,001
2008ToyotaSienna CE$1,003
2008 Most expensive used car rates
2008MercedesS65 AMG$2,348
2008MercedesSL65 AMG$2,187
2008Porsche911 GT2$2,108
2008Porsche911 GT3 RS$2,096
2008MercedesS63 AMG$2,084
2008JaguarXKR Portfolio$2,026
2008MercedesCLS63 AMG$1,996
2008Porsche911 Turbo$1,993
2009 Least expensive used car rates
2009JeepWrangler X$980
2009HondaOdyssey LX$986
2009FordEscape XLS$1,001
2009SubaruOutback AWD$1,016
2009JeepPatriot Sport Off Road$1,020
2009VolkswagenRoutan SE$1,023
2009HyundaiTucson GLS$1,023
2009SubaruOutback L.L. Bean AWD$1,025
2009ChryslerTown & Country LX$1,026
2009ChevroletExpress G1500$1,026
2009HyundaiSanta Fe GLS$1,028
2009 Most expensive used car rates
2009MercedesS65 AMG$2,421
2009MercedesSL65 AMG$2,272
2009MercedesSL63 AMG$2,252
2009Porsche911 Carrera GT2$2,218
2009MercedesS63 AMG$2,153
2009MercedesCLS63 AMG$2,140
2009AudiA8 L Quattro$2,097
2009JaguarXKR Portfolio SC$2,076
2009ChevroletCorvette ZR1$1,992
2010 Least expensive used car rates
2010JeepWrangler X$1,000
2010HondaOdyssey LX$1,009
2010FordEscape XLS$1,031
2010FordEscape XLT$1,036
2010VolkswagenRoutan S$1,037
2010HondaCR-V LX$1,043
2010DodgeGrand Caravan Hero$1,044
2010ChryslerTown & Country LX$1,045
2010JeepPatriot Sport Off Road$1,046
2010 Most expensive used car rates
2010MercedesS65 AMG$2,485
2010Porsche911 Carrera GT3 RS$2,308
2010MercedesS63 AMG$2,242
2010MercedesCLS63 AMG$2,229
2010MercedesS600 BI-T Turbo$2,216
2010JaguarXKR Portfolio SC$2,176
2010PorschePanamera Turbo$2,104
2010AudiA8 L Quattro$2,082
2010MercedesS550 4Matic AWD$2,081
2010ChevroletCorvette ZR1$2,079
2011 Least expensive used car rates
2011HondaOdyssey LX$1,032
2011VolkswagenRoutan S$1,049
2011FordEscape XLS$1,051
2011DodgeGrand Caravan C/V$1,054
2011JeepWrangler Sport$1,056
2011HondaCR-V LX$1,058
2011JeepPatriot Sport$1,062
2011 Most expensive used car rates
2011MercedesS65 AMG$2,867
2011MercedesSL65 AMG$2,678
2011Porsche911 Carrera GT2 RS$2,595
2011MercedesS600 BI-T$2,588
2011MercedesS63 AMG$2,583
2011MercedesSL63 AMG$2,541
2011PorschePanamera Turbo$2,432
2011JaguarXKR Portfolio SC$2,429
2011Porsche911 Carrera GT3 RS$2,353
2011MercedesCLS63 AMG$2,345
2012 Least expensive used car rates
2012FordEscape XLS$1,056
2012JeepWrangler Sport$1,063
2012HondaOdyssey LX$1,067
2012JeepPatriot Sport$1,072
2012DodgeGrand Caravan SE$1,073
2012HondaCR-V LX$1,073
2012DodgeGrand Caravan AVP$1,077
2012HyundaiTucson GL$1,078
2012VolkswagenRoutan S$1,083
2012 Most expensive used car rates
2012MercedesS65 AMG$2,984
2012MercedesSL65 AMG$2,760
2012MercedesS600 BI-T$2,678
2012MercedesSL63 AMG$2,660
2012MercedesS63 AMG$2,645
2012JaguarXKR Supercharged$2,562
2012PorschePanamera Turbo S$2,546
2012TeslaModel S Peformance EV$2,545
2012AudiA8 L 6.3 Quattro$2,448
2013 Least expensive used car rates
2013HondaOdyssey LX$1,070
2013HondaCR-V LX$1,076
2013JeepPatriot Sport$1,078
2013JeepCompass Sport$1,094
2013HyundaiTucson GL$1,097
2013JeepWrangler Sport$1,097
2013FordEscape S$1,097
2013DodgeGrandCaravan American Pkg$1,098
2013ChevroletExpress G1500$1,107
2013FordF-150 XL$1,112
2013 Most expensive used car rates
2013MercedesS65 AMG$3,070
2013MercedesSL65 AMG$2,881
2013NissanGT-R Black Edition$2,776
2013MercedesS63 AMG$2,749
2013MercedesSL63 AMG$2,716
2013JaguarXKR Supercharged$2,679
2013PorschePanamera Turbo S$2,637
2013MercedesCLS63 AMG$2,589
2013Porsche911 Turbo S$2,561
2014 Least expensive used car rates
2014HondaOdyssey Lx$1,084
2014JeepPatriot Sport$1,096
2014HondaCR-V LX$1,097
2014JeepPatriot Sport$1,106
2014JeepCompass Sport$1,107
2014DodgeGrand Caravan SE$1,110
2014FordEscape S$1,110
2014JeepWrangler Sport$1,112
2014SubaruOutback 2.5I$1,121
2014NissanXterra X$1,123
2014 Most expensive used car rates
2014MercedesSL65 AMG$2,969
2014MercedesSL63 AMG$2,920
2014NissanGT-R Black Edition$2,860
2014Porsche911 Turbo S$2,837
2014PorschePanamera Executive$2,761
2014MercedesS63 AMG$2,703
2014AudiA8 L 6.3 Quattro$2,607
2014MercedesCLS63 AMG 4MATIC$2,576
2014BMW750i XDRIVE$2,517
2014MercedesS550 4MATIC AWD$2,514
2015 Least expensive used car rates
2015HondaOdyssey LX$1,098
2015JeepPatriot Sport$1,109
2015HondaCR-V LX$1,112
2015JeepCompass Sport$1,120
2015JeepWrangler Sport$1,124
2015DodgeGrand Caravan AVP$1,127
2015JeepCherokee Sport$1,129
2015FordEscape S$1,129
2015MazdaCX-5 Sport$1,131
2015NissanXterra X$1,133
2015 Most expensive used car rates
2015MercedesSL65 AMG$3,035
2015NissanGT-R Nismo$3,027
2015NissanGT-R Black Edition$2,975
2015MercedesS65 AMG$2,954
2015MercedesSL63 AMG$2,925
2015PorschePanamera Tbo S Executive$2,866
2015Porsche911 Turbo S$2,853
2015MercedesS63 AMG$2,773
2015AudiA8 L 6.3 Quattro$2,678
2015MercedesCLS63 AMG 4MATIC S$2,618
2015MercedesS550 4MATIC AWD$2,613
2015BMWAlpina B6 XDrive$2,585
2016 Least expensive used car rates
2016HondaOdyssey LX$1,113
2016HondaCR-V LX$1,170
2016DodgeGrand Caravan AVP$1,174
2016JeepPatriot Sport$1,180
2016JeepWrangler Sport$1,181
2016JeepCompass Sport$1,190
2016FordEscape S$1,194
2016BuickEncore Sport Tour$1,200
2016JeepCherokee Sport$1,203
2016NissanFrontier S$1,204
2016NissanXterra X$1,211
2016MazdaCX-5 Sport$1,211
2016SubaruOutback 2.5I$1,217
2016HondaPilot LX$1,226
2016HyundaiTucson SE$1,227
2016ChryslerTown & Country LX$1,228
2016 Most expensive used car rates
2016DodgeGT Viper$4,048
2016MercedesSL65 AMG$3,797
2016MercedesS65 AMG$3,684
2016MercedesS600 BI-T$3,539
2016MercedesS63 AMG 4Matic$3,513
2016PorschePanamera S Executive$3,484
2016NissanGT-R Nismo$3,476
2016MercedesSL63 AMG$3,400
2016BMWM6 Gran Coupe$3,309
2016Land RoverRange Rover SC AUTOBIO$3,245
2016AudiRS7 Quattro Prestige$3,229
2016Porsche911 Carrera GT3 RS$3,212


You can also get quotes from auto insurance companies. This is especially a good idea if you're torn between two types of vehicles. You may find it will cost hundreds more to insure one vehicle compared to another. That could influence your car-buying decision.

Before contacting insurers, you'll want to have:

  • Your driver's license number and the license numbers for anyone else who will be listed on the policy
  • The vehicle's year make, model and other information, including body style and trim level
  • The Vehicle Identification Number
  • Your registration

You'll also want to think about what coverage levels you want for collision and comprehensive coverage, as well as liability.

Once you have that information ready, contact at least three car insurance companies and get quotes for the same policy. A good place to start to find a car insurance company is checking out Insure.com's Best Insurance Companies.

Also, ask about discounts. Auto insurance companies give discounts for a whole variety of things, including bundling your auto and home insurance, being accident-free, affiliations with employers and organizations and even having a student with great grades on your policy.

Let CarInsurance.com take you through the auto insurance buying process.