If you’re shopping around for a sedan, you need to budget for more than a car payment. You should know how much it will cost to insure the car and then, of course,  where you can find the cheapest insurance. 

But finding the cheapest insurance isn’t always an easy task. There are many types of sedan models and styles and consumers need to understand premiums will vary for various sedan features. 

The number of variables factored into your car insurance rate can make your head spin, says Chris Hardesty, an insurance expert and senior advice editor for Kelley Blue Book.

“Driver-assist technologies can make your car safer on the road and potentially avoid a crash,” Hardesty says. “At the same time, those electronic features are more expensive to repair or replace following an accident. It’s good that insurance companies have tremendous amounts of data to help them predict risk and cost.”

CarInsurance.com put together the following guide to give sedan buyers and owners a better understanding of rates and what they’re likely to pay for insurance. 

We start with a list of the cheapest sedans to insure and the insurance companies offering those policies.

What are the cheapest sedans to insure?

The Mazda 3 Select had the cheapest average annual premium for insurance from State Farm at $1,034, according to 2022 data. State Farm also had the second- and third-lowest rates for a Subaru Impreza and Toyota Corolla.

  • No. 1: Mazda Mazda 3 Select :- Cost: $1,034 per year; $86 per month
  • No. 2: Subaru Impreza 2.0l :- Cost: $1,040 per year; $87 per month
  • No. 3: Toyota Corolla L :- Cost: $1,045 per year; $87 per month

Which companies provide the cheapest car insurance for sedans?

The average annual premium for sedans in 2022 is $2,306.

State Farm offers low rates for compact cars such as the Mazda Mazda3 Select and the Subaru Impreza, as well as the lowest rates for mid-size sedans like the Subaru Legacy and Toyota Camry.

See the table below for the cheapest average annual sedan premiums from top insurance companies, according to 2022 CarInsurance.com data.

Cheapest sedans to insure in 2022
Make Model Company Avg Annual Rate
MazdaMazda3 SelectState Farm$1,034
SubaruImpreza 2.0IState Farm$1,040
ToyotaCorolla LState Farm$1,045
HondaCivic LXState Farm$1,053
KiaRio LXState Farm$1,073
KiaRio SState Farm$1,074
ToyotaCorolla LEState Farm$1,076
SubaruLegacy 2.5IState Farm$1,079
MazdaMazda3State Farm$1,091
NissanVersa SState Farm$1,093
HyundaiAccent SEState Farm$1,097
HyundaiAccent SELState Farm$1,097
AcuraILX 2.4LState Farm$1,102
HyundaiElantra SELState Farm$1,110
NissanSentra SState Farm$1,116
ChevroletMalibu RSState Farm$1,120
KiaForte LXSState Farm$1,142
HondaAccord LXState Farm$1,152
AcuraILX 2.4L PremiumState Farm$1,164
NissanVersa SVState Farm$1,169
AcuraILX 2.4L PremiumGeico$1,174
HondaInsight TouringState Farm$1,175
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium A-SpecState Farm$1,176
VolkswagenPassat SEState Farm$1,177
AcuraILX 2.4LGeico$1,179
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium A-SpecGeico$1,179
ToyotaCorolla LGeico$1,181
KiaRio LXGeico$1,182
KiaRio SGeico$1,182
ToyotaCorolla LEGeico$1,192
ToyotaCamry LEState Farm$1,196
NissanVersa SGeico$1,203
HondaCivic LXGeico$1,204
SubaruLegacy 2.5IGeico$1,208
MazdaMazda3 SelectGeico$1,212
KiaForte LXSGeico$1,217
NissanVersa SVGeico$1,220
HyundaiAccent SEGeico$1,231
HyundaiAccent SELGeico$1,231
HyundaiElantra SELGeico$1,236
SubaruLegacy 2.5INationwide$1,239
SubaruImpreza 2.0IGeico$1,245
NissanSentra SGeico$1,249
HondaInsight TouringGeico$1,259
VolkswagenPassat SEGeico$1,260
ToyotaCamry LEGeico$1,269
HondaAccord LXGeico$1,319
ChevroletMalibu RSGeico$1,386
SubaruImpreza 2.0INationwide$1,423
AcuraILX 2.4L PremiumNationwide$1,429
MazdaMazda3 SelectNationwide$1,463
HondaAccord LXNationwide$1,492
HondaCivic LXProgressive$1,497
VolkswagenPassat SENationwide$1,541
AcuraILX 2.4LNationwide$1,543
HondaAccord LXProgressive$1,562
HondaCivic LXNationwide$1,563
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium A-SpecNationwide$1,567
SubaruImpreza 2.0IProgressive$1,568
HondaInsight TouringProgressive$1,581
HyundaiAccent SEProgressive$1,595
HyundaiAccent SELProgressive$1,595
SubaruLegacy 2.5IProgressive$1,625
ToyotaCamry LENationwide$1,628
HondaInsight TouringNationwide$1,676
NissanVersa SProgressive$1,684
NissanVersa SVProgressive$1,686
ChevroletMalibu RSNationwide$1,692
KiaRio LXProgressive$1,697
KiaRio SProgressive$1,697
VolkswagenPassat SEProgressive$1,698
ToyotaCorolla LNationwide$1,711
MazdaMazda3 SelectProgressive$1,719
AcuraILX 2.4L PremiumProgressive$1,732
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium A-SpecProgressive$1,733
HyundaiElantra SELProgressive$1,733
AcuraILX 2.4LProgressive$1,743
NissanSentra SProgressive$1,748
HyundaiElantra SELNationwide$1,752
KiaForte LXSProgressive$1,755
NissanVersa SNationwide$1,767
ToyotaCorolla LProgressive$1,776
ToyotaCorolla LEProgressive$1,778
HyundaiAccent SENationwide$1,797
HyundaiAccent SELNationwide$1,797
ToyotaCamry LEProgressive$1,804
ToyotaCorolla LENationwide$1,830
ChevroletMalibu RSProgressive$1,840
NissanSentra SNationwide$1,842
NissanVersa SVNationwide$1,873
HondaAccord LXFarmers$1,877
SubaruLegacy 2.5IFarmers$1,877
KiaRio LXNationwide$1,882
KiaRio SNationwide$1,882
KiaForte LXSNationwide$1,887
VolkswagenPassat SEFarmers$1,904
SubaruImpreza 2.0IAllstate$1,945
AcuraILX 2.4LFarmers$1,958
HyundaiAccent SEFarmers$1,968
HyundaiAccent SELFarmers$1,968
AcuraILX 2.4L PremiumFarmers$1,989
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium A-SpecFarmers$1,991
HyundaiAccent SEAllstate$2,029
KiaRio LXAllstate$2,036
KiaRio SAllstate$2,038
SubaruLegacy 2.5IAllstate$2,054
HondaInsight TouringFarmers$2,073
NissanVersa SAllstate$2,078
ToyotaCamry LEFarmers$2,092
KiaRio LXFarmers$2,106
KiaRio SFarmers$2,106
ChevroletMalibu RSFarmers$2,118
ToyotaCorolla LFarmers$2,135
HyundaiAccent SELAllstate$2,137
MazdaMazda3 SelectFarmers$2,137
ToyotaCorolla LEFarmers$2,137
NissanVersa SFarmers$2,142
NissanVersa SVFarmers$2,145
HondaCivic LXFarmers$2,163
SubaruImpreza 2.0IFarmers$2,169
KiaForte LXSAllstate$2,184
ChevroletMalibu RSAllstate$2,187
HondaCivic LXAllstate$2,189
NissanSentra SAllstate$2,192
KiaForte LXSFarmers$2,206
HondaAccord LXAllstate$2,208
NissanSentra SFarmers$2,224
ToyotaCorolla LAllstate$2,233
MazdaMazda3 SelectAllstate$2,238
ToyotaCorolla LEAllstate$2,245
HyundaiElantra SELFarmers$2,249
VolkswagenPassat SEAllstate$2,273
NissanVersa SVAllstate$2,282
HyundaiElantra SELAllstate$2,290
ToyotaCamry LEAllstate$2,293
AcuraILX 2.4LAllstate$2,315
SubaruImpreza 2.0IAmTrust$2,391
SubaruLegacy 2.5IAmTrust$2,458
AcuraILX 2.4L PremiumAllstate$2,467
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium A-SpecAllstate$2,468
HondaInsight TouringAllstate$2,530
ChevroletMalibu RSAmTrust$2,605
VolkswagenPassat SEAmTrust$2,655
NissanSentra SAmTrust$2,813
NissanVersa SAmTrust$2,813
NissanVersa SVAmTrust$2,813
ToyotaCamry LEAmTrust$2,821
HondaAccord LXAmTrust$2,849
ToyotaCorolla LAmTrust$2,868
ToyotaCorolla LEAmTrust$2,868
HondaCivic LXAmTrust$2,888
HondaInsight TouringAmTrust$2,888
MazdaMazda3 SelectAmTrust$2,893
KiaRio LXAmTrust$2,908
KiaRio SAmTrust$2,908
HyundaiElantra SELAmTrust$2,979
KiaForte LXSAmTrust$3,007
HyundaiAccent SEAmTrust$3,022
HyundaiAccent SELAmTrust$3,022
AcuraILX 2.4LAmTrust$3,139
AcuraILX 2.4L PremiumAmTrust$3,139
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium A-SpecAmTrust$3,202

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How has the cost of sedan insurance changed over time?

While the cost of car insurance is on the rise overall, there was a slight dip in cost between 2020 and 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The cost of car insurance continues to climb in 2022 and will continue as claims frequency and severity is increasing, according to Mark Frielander of the Insurance Information Institute.

“Risky behavior means more speeding tickets and fatal crashes,” Hardesty says. “Higher risk means higher insurance premiums.” 

See the table below to compare the cost of car insurance for a select number of sedans from 2018 to 2022.

Car insurance cost for sedans from 2018-2022
Make Model 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
SubaruLegacy 2.5I$1,491$1,418$1,522$1,428$1,356
SubaruImpreza 2.0I$1,518$1,445$1,510$1,440$1,419
HondaCivic LX$1,568$1,539$1,635$1,590$1,548
HondaAccord LX$1,584$1,494$1,579$1,466$1,466
HyundaiAccent SE$1,587$1,495$1,564$1,497$1,462
AcuraILX 2.4L$1,616$1,569$1,715$1,606$1,564
KiaRio LX$1,619$1,488$1,632$1,504$1,488
KiaRio S$1,619$1,507$1,621$1,559$1,507
VolkswagenPassat SE$1,623$1,571$1,630$1,538$1,481
AcuraILX 2.4L Premium$1,639$1,579$1,748$1,620$1,589
ToyotaCorolla L$1,640$1,567$1,696$1,629$1,509
ToyotaCorolla LE$1,669$1,590$1,727$1,616$1,521
NissanSentra S$1,683$1,640$1,673$1,628$1,513
ToyotaCamry LE$1,684$1,642$1,731$1,630$1,552

What leads to higher car insurance costs for sedans?

SUVs made up the lion’s share of car sales in the first half of 2022, according to a Kelley Blue Book report. This has safety implications since sedans are so much smaller than trucks and SUVs.

Here are some factors that lead to a higher insurance cost for sedans:

Car make and model: The price tag of your insurance hinges on the specific car make and model. Luxury vehicles, larger cars, more powerful engines and models with more bells and whistles mean more expensive insurance. 

Higher potential for theft: One downside to the popularity of sedans is that they are also attractive to car thieves, Hardesty says. In fact, data by the NICB reveals that 5 of the top 10 most stolen cars in the U.S. are sedans. 

“And it isn’t necessarily fancy new sedans that thieves want most,” he says. “Some criminals target older sedans only for the car’s parts, which are in high demand.”

Cost to repair: Sedans with more features, electronic components or expensive parts will cost more to repair. In turn, the insurance premium will be higher.

Market value: Sedans with a higher market value – or resale value – will come with a higher insurance price tag.

Safety features: Sedans with safety features such as brake assist, airbags, anti-lock brakes and backup cameras can bump down the odds of getting into a car crash, lowering your insurance cost.

Sedan vs. SUV: Which is cheaper to insure?

According to our research, a sedan is more expensive to insure than an SUV. The average insurance premium for an SUV is $1,729 while a sedan is $2,306, according to 2022 data. As you can see, on average, it costs $383 more to insure a sedan than a SUV.

Why’s that? Well, it has to do with safety considerations. 

“Those SUVs and trucks have grown heavier and taller, while sedans are comparatively petite and close to the road,” says Hardesty. “The difference in weight and stature can put sedans at a disadvantage, leading to higher insurance rates.” 

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What are the car insurance requirements for sedans?

The insurance requirements for sedans are the same as for other types of vehicles.

Here are your insurance options when you have a sedan, but keep in mind that these are not all legal requirements: 

  • Liability: If you injure another person or damage their property while at the wheel of your sedan, bodily injury liability and property damage liability will help cover damages up to your policy’s limits. Liability coverage is required in most U.S. states. 
  • Collision: If your car is damaged or destroyed after a collision with another car, collision coverage will cover damage. 
  • Comprehensive: Should your vehicle be damaged or destroyed by something other than a collision –  fire, flooding, vandalism, theft, weather events or an animal strike – comprehensive coverage comes to the rescue. 
  • Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist: If your car is damaged in a crash with a driver who’s uninsured or underinsured, UM/UIM coverage will help foot the repair bill.

How much you’ll pay for car insurance for a sedan depends on a number of factors:

  • Insurance company 
  • Age, make and model of the vehicle 
  • Address where the vehicle is garaged
  • Coverage amounts (the more extensive the coverage, the more expensive) 
  • Deductible (a higher deductible means a cheaper premium) 
  • Individual driving history
  • State of residency

The cheapest type of insurance for sedans that is currently available is liability-only insurance. But if you’re leasing or financing your car, you need comprehensive and collision insurance in addition to liability insurance. 

How can you save money on car insurance for sedans?

To save on car insurance, understand that an older car is also going to be cheaper to insure than a newer luxury model. And the higher your deductible, the lower your premium and vice versa.

Take these steps before buying a car insurance policy for your sedan:

Research to see what type of coverage you need: As mentioned before, you’ll want to see what types of insurance and coverage amounts you’ll need. Each state has different requirements, and most states require liability. If you are leasing or financing a car, you’ll most likely need full coverage, which includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

Comparison shop: To save on car insurance for your sedan, it’s important to do your research to get an idea of the rates. Get a few quotes from a handful of lenders for the same types and amounts of coverage. The beauty of car insurance is that you can hop on a new policy with a different insurance company at any time.

Look for discounts: You’ll also want to see if there are any discounts. Common discounts for car insurance include a good driver discount, a membership discount if you’re affiliated with a certain organization, a multi-vehicle discount and bundled discount if you purchase both a homeowners insurance and auto insurance policy with the same company. 

Final thoughts on cheap insurance for sedans

When shopping around for insurance for a sedan, consider what you use your car for and how often you drive, as well as your personal budget. If you want cheaper car insurance rates, opt for a used car with less features. 

If a luxury model or a sedan with more advanced features is a better fit for your needs and lifestyle, then there’s no reason to deprive yourself – just know it will cost more to insure. 

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CarInsurance.com commissioned Quadrant Information Services in 2022 to pull rates for a 40-year-old male driver with a 12-mile commute to work and full coverage insurance. The rates were compiled using more than 2,500 vehicle models looking at rates from insurers Allstate, AmTrust, Farmers, Geico, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm.

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