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Question: I was wondering, approximately how much more is a 2 door car to a 4 door car for insurance?

Answer: Two door vehicles do not always cost more than four door vehicles to insure. Each individual car insurance company has their own rating system and vehicle classifications so it will depend how the automobile insurance company views the vehicle, if there will be a difference in the cost of a 2 door vehicle over a 4 door vehicle. In general, two door cars are deemed to be sports cars and thus may cost a little more to insure then a four door car that is classified as a family car.

A sports vehicle will be rated higher by most insurance companies than a family sedan. This is due to sports vehicles parts normally cost more to repair and are statistically in more accidents at higher speeds; thus appearing to insurance underwriters as more of a risk.

Each make and model carries its own rating for insurance. In some cases four (4) door cars are less expensive to insure than two (2) door cars. If you are comparing the same year, make and model than it can be true that it cost a bit more to insure the 2 door over the 4 door. If instead you are comparing different makes and models than it might not be the case, the 2 door of one type of vehicle could be cheaper to insure than a 4 door vehicle by another maker. Other factors such as engine size, safety features and cost to repair are factors as well on the cost of insuring a vehicle.

We did a comparison of the Honda Accord EX coupe and the Honda Accord EX 4 door sedan and found different results with different carriers. With one car insurance company the 2 door coupe was actually cheaper to insure than the 4 door sedan. With this insurer it was $589.43 for 6 months for the 2 doors and $607.67 for 6 months to insure the 4 door so it annually would cost $36.48 more for the 4 door vehicle with this insurance carrier.

With a second auto insurance company the 4 door Accord was cheaper to insure. The 2 door cost $601.72 for a 6 month policy and $587.54 for 6 months' worth of insurance on the Honda Accord 4 door sedan. The difference is $14.18 per 6 months so $28.36 per year.

As you can see in this example, car insurance companies vary on their rating systems and it may cost a bit more for a two door model. You may be surprised and find that it is cheaper with some insurance providers for the 2 door coupe over the 4 door sedan.

When deciding what vehicle and vehicle type you want, take time to compare insurance companies for rates. Finding out what insurance will cost on different vehicle and vehicle types can help you determine what vehicle is best for you to purchase and fits into your financial plan. As you can see with the above 2 door versus 4 door vehicle comparison, the difference in cost to insure one over the other is not substantial. However, in current financial times where every dollar counts, it can make a significant difference to you.