Whether you currently own a truck or are considering purchasing one, understanding car insurance premiums and ways to save should factor into your vehicle budget. Car insurance companies typically consider factors such as repair costs, safety, theft and collision risks when determining premiums. 

“Trucks are generally more expensive to insure than cars because the value of the truck is higher,” says Lauren Mckenzie, senior agent with A Plus Insurance. “Drivers should consider its value and get an idea of what they should expect to pay for insurance on the vehicle before purchasing. Oftentimes, the cost for full coverage insurance on a truck may be the same, if not more than the cost of the loan payments.” 

Learn more about the cheapest trucks to insure. In CarInsurance.com’s guide, find a ranking of the most affordable car insurance companies, the lowest average annual premiums and tips for saving on premiums. 

Key Highlights
  • The cheapest truck to insure is the Ford Maverick at an annual premium of $1,746.
  • State Farm offers the cheapest insurance annual premium for trucks, followed by Nationwide and Geico.
  • Truck insurance is comparable in price to SUVs, but may be cheaper than some sedan models because of parts, safety features and repair costs.
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Katrina Raenell
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Katrina Raenell is a writer, editor and educator with 20 years of experience in content and communications for international organizations, nonprofits and start-ups. In her previous roles, she was a communications manager for study abroad, content project manager for higher education and finance websites, reported on arts and culture, and was a managing editor for an online health and wellness publication.
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Laura is an award-winning editor with experience in content and communications covering auto insurance and personal finance. She has written for several media outlets, including the USA Today Network. She most recently worked in the public sector for the Nevada Department of Transportation.

How much is truck insurance?

On average, truck owners spend $2,152 per year nationwide for car insurance, according to CarInsurance data. There are ways to save on premiums, especially if you’re in the market for a new or new-to-you truck. Learn more about the cheapest trucks to insure in the following table. 

Which are the cheapest trucks to insure, by make and model?

Ford and Nissan top the rankings for the cheapest trucks to insure. Starting with an annual average of $1,726, the Ford Maverick is the number one most affordable truck to insure in CarInsurance’s ranking. 

To see more rankings of make and model groups, find the top 25 cheapest trucks to insure in the table below. 

Rank Make Model  Average Annual Premium
5HyundaiSanta Cruz$1,941
10GMCSierra 1500$2,120
11ChevroletSilverado 1500$2,122
13FordF-150 Raptor$2,149
14Ram1500 Classic$2,177
15GMCSierra 2500HD$2,195
16ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD$2,208
20GMCSierra 3500HD$2,285
23NissanTitan XD$2,464
24Ram1500 TRX$2,565

What are the car insurance requirements for trucks?

In general, car and truck insurance requirements are the same. According to Mckenzie, differences typically arise when leasing a vehicle versus financing or if there are specific deductibles mandated by the lender. She says that differences in coverage result from the terms of the loan or lease agreement, rather than the type of vehicle. 

Car insurance requirements include carrying either liability insurance or comprehensive, opting for medical or collision coverage and ensuring a financed vehicle is fully covered. 

There may be circumstances where commercial truck insurance is necessary, such as the following situations:

  • Transporting people or goods for a fee 
  • Conducting business or a service with the truck
  • Needing a higher deductible when the truck is used as a business
  • Hauling heavy tools, equipment or towing trailers 

Which companies offer the cheapest insurance for trucks?

State Farm offers the cheapest truck insurance, according to CarInsurance.com’s data analysis, with average annual premium rates starting at $1,477. Nationwide follows, with an average annual premium of $1,795 and Geico comes in third with an average annual premium of $1,812. Allstate and Farmers have the most expensive car insurance for trucks.

Average annual insurance rates from top insurance companies for trucks

Not all trucks are created equal when it comes to insurance companies and premiums. For $101 a month, you could insure a Nissan Frontier at an average annual premium of $1,216 with State Farm. However, the Nissan Frontier is $307 more expensive when insured through Nationwide, at an average annual premium of $1,523. 

Learn more about how makes and models’ premiums range by insurance company, and the cheapest insurance companies for trucks in the table below.

Make Model  Company  Average Annual Premium
NissanFrontierState Farm$1,216
HyundaiSanta CruzState Farm$1,243
FordRangerState Farm$1,252
FordMaverickState Farm$1,266
HondaRidgelineState Farm$1,319
ToyotaTacomaState Farm$1,337
JeepGladiatorState Farm$1,339
FordF-150State Farm$1,417
Ram1500 ClassicState Farm$1,417
NissanTitanState Farm$1,449
ToyotaTundraState Farm$1,478
GMCSierra 1500State Farm$1,486
Ram2500State Farm$1,490
FordF-250State Farm$1,507
GMCSierra 2500HDState Farm$1,507
HyundaiSanta CruzNationwide$1,513
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDState Farm$1,519
ChevroletSilverado 1500State Farm$1,521
FordF-150 RaptorState Farm$1,525
Ram1500State Farm$1,526
GMCSierra 3500HDState Farm$1,546
NissanTitan XDState Farm$1,558
FordF-150 RaptorNationwide$1,618
HyundaiSanta CruzGeico$1,660
Ram1500 ClassicGeico$1,665
FordF-350State Farm$1,675
Ram3500State Farm$1,726
FordF-150 RaptorGeico$1,731
ChevroletSilverado 1500Geico$1,790
Ram1500 TRXState Farm$1,797
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDNationwide$1,799
FordF-450State Farm$1,806
GMCSierra 3500HDGeico$1,811
ChevroletSilverado 1500Nationwide$1,817
GMCSierra 2500HDNationwide$1,821
GMCSierra 1500Nationwide$1,828
GMCSierra 1500Geico$1,848
GMCSierra 2500HDGeico$1,857
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDGeico$1,885
Ram1500 TRXGeico$1,961
Ram1500 ClassicProgressive$2,014
GMCSierra 3500HDNationwide$2,016
ChevroletSilverado 1500Progressive$2,085
HyundaiSanta CruzProgressive$2,095
Ram1500 ClassicNationwide$2,111
Ram1500 TRXNationwide$2,116
GMCSierra 1500Progressive$2,141
FordF-150 RaptorProgressive$2,158
NissanTitan XDGeico$2,181
Ram1500 TRXProgressive$2,185
NissanTitan XDProgressive$2,344
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDProgressive$2,364
HyundaiSanta CruzFarmers$2,377
GMCSierra 2500HDProgressive$2,399
ChevroletSilverado 1500Farmers$2,401
GMCSierra 1500Farmers$2,462
NissanTitan XDNationwide$2,464
GMCSierra 2500HDFarmers$2,471
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDFarmers$2,501
GMCSierra 3500HDProgressive$2,511
NissanTitan XDFarmers$2,540
FordF-150 RaptorFarmers$2,614
GMCSierra 3500HDFarmers$2,737
Ram1500 ClassicFarmers$2,770
HyundaiSanta CruzAllstate$2,813
Ram1500 TRXFarmers$2,849
GMCSierra 1500Allstate$3,004
GMCSierra 2500HDAllstate$3,141
ChevroletSilverado 1500Allstate$3,147
GMCSierra 3500HDAllstate$3,182
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDAllstate$3,204
Ram1500 ClassicAllstate$3,232
FordF-150 RaptorAllstate$3,295
NissanTitan XDAllstate$3,717
Ram1500 TRXAllstate$4,480

How has the cost of insurance for trucks changed over time?

There have been various changes in insurance coverage for trucks, along with cars over time, according to Mckenzie. She says these have been impacted by factors, such as driver data, technology integration, usage-based insurance, ride-share and carpooling. 

“The cost of insurance premiums are calculated with several factors taken into consideration. Now with the new technology in which vehicles are being manufactured, there are more things that must be weighed in order to determine the cost of insurance,” she says.  

Factors that affect the insurance rate for your truck

Insurance companies consider personal variables and assessed risks when determining a driver’s premium. These may include vehicle value, theft, safety features, how often you drive your vehicle, your credit and the type and amount of your insurance coverage. 

“Many factors impact truck insurance rates, aside from just the cost of the truck itself. Some factors include the location (the number of accidents and claims in your area and surrounding areas), weather, and driver demographics such as age, gender and driving history,” Mckenzie says. “Other factors that impact the cost of truck insurance rates are the value of the truck and the cost it would take to repair or replace the truck, such as truck parts.”

Uncover the 10 most significant factors affecting car insurance rates

How can you save money on truck insurance?

Finding the cheapest car insurance for your truck is one way you can save, so shop around. Our CarInsurance.com rate analysis has shown that some of the best insurance companies for truck owners are State Farm, Nationwide and Geico, but it may be worth it to contact other top insurers for a personalized rate. 

It also helps to know what you’re going to pay on premiums when you’re in the market for a new truck. This can help ensure you keep costs within your budget. And, bundling your insurance needs — auto, home and other vehicles you own — can save you money. 

“Drivers who maintain continuous coverage, rather than letting their insurance policies lapse or cancel, will be offered cheaper premiums when searching for new auto insurance. Consider different coverage options such as deductibles, and leave off any extra coverages that may not be needed to cut the cost down,” Mckenzie says.

Final thoughts on cheap truck insurance

While it may be thought that truck insurance premiums are excessively high, based on the make and model you drive, and the insurer you go through, you may find that your premiums are comparable to SUV and sedan insurance rates. 

In general, small to midsize trucks are often less expensive to insure, and having a clean driving record, shopping around for rate quotes and bundling your insurance needs could also save you money. 

If you drive a larger truck model, you may pay more for premiums, but you may also want to consider a commercial policy if you use your vehicle for work, services or hauling large equipment. 

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CarInsurance.com editors collected rates from Quadrant Information Services for a 40-year-old male with a 12-mile commute and 10,000 annual mileage for a full coverage insurance policy with limits 100/300/100 and $500 comprehensive and collision deductible. We analyzed 28,561,720 records, 510 ZIP codes and 58 insurance companies nationwide.

Laura Longero

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Laura Longero

Executive Editor

Laura is an award-winning editor with experience in content and communications covering auto insurance and personal finance. She has written for several media outlets, including the USA Today Network. She most recently worked in the public sector for the Nevada Department of Transportation.

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John McCormick

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John is the editorial director for CarInsurance.com, Insurance.com and Insure.com. Before joining QuinStreet, John was a deputy editor at The Wall Street Journal and had been an editor and reporter at a number of other media outlets where he covered insurance, personal finance, and technology.

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Nupur Gambhir

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Nupur Gambhir is a content editor and licensed life, health, and disability insurance expert. She has extensive experience bringing brands to life and has built award-nominated campaigns for travel and tech. Her insurance expertise has been featured in Bloomberg News, Forbes Advisor, CNET, Fortune, Slate, Real Simple, Lifehacker, The Financial Gym, and the end-of-life planning service.

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Katrina Raenell is a writer, editor and educator with 20 years of experience in content and communications for international organizations, nonprofits and start-ups. In her previous roles, she was a communications manager for study abroad, content project manager for higher education and finance websites, reported on arts and culture, and was a managing editor for an online health and wellness publication.