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At what age can you get a car registered in your name in Tennessee, more specifically, Memphis? Also, what age can a person take possession of a car title?


There is no minimum age stated in Tennessee law for someone to buy, register or title a vehicle in their name.

Registration and vehicle titles are administered by the Tennessee Department of Revenue (DOR) through its Taxpayer & Vehicle Services Division. This is who we went to for information about at what age someone can register a car in their name and take possession of a car title to put in their name solely.

The TN DOR told us that the state does not have a law in reference of the age limit that a vehicle can be purchased, registered or titled. They did say however that if a minor bought a car the person's parent or guardian would be required to be financial responsible for the vehicle.

In Tennessee, when a teen gets a license a parent or guardian must sign the minor/ teenager affidavit which in part states the adult signing is jointly and severally liable for any damages caused by the child when they are driving a motor vehicle. Thus the parent signing for the child to get their driver's license in TN can be held liable along with the child for accidents, even if the teen owned the car solely in his or her name.

The representative for Tennessee's Vehicle Services said when you are under 18 it may be difficult to find someone to sell you a car and for you to obtain car insurance for you vehicle since you are a minor. Dealers, others who sell vehicles and auto insurance companies will normally want you to have a parent or guardian sign on any contract or policy with you when you are under the age of 18.

If you are buying a car from a dealership (or even a private party) it is likely that the seller will also require a parent or guardian to sign or co-sign with you because normally when you sign on contracts as a minor the paperwork may not be binding unless an adult of this nature signs on with you.

Generally a car insurance company will also require those under the age of 18 (minors) to have a parent or guardian sign with them on their insurance documents since these papers are considered legal contracts. So even if you are able to buy a vehicle and register and title it in your name as a teen that is not yet 18, an auto insurance company may require you to have a parent sign on your policy with you until you are eighteen years of age.

Once you turn 18 years old then you should have no issues buying a vehicle or obtaining car insurance without the constraints of having a parent or guardian signing with you. At this age, you will be considered an adult and your contracts would not be voidable as they would be when you were still a teenager under the age of 18.

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  1. Visitor

    Answered my question clearly within a few paragraphs. Searched TN DMV for at least an hour and could not find the answer.