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Why does your car insurance rise if you have a 2 door car? Does it cost more to insure a two door vehicle?

Two door vehicle do not always cause your insurance to rise since individual insurance companies have their own rating systems, however many 2 door cars are deemed to be sports cars and thus may cost a little more to insure.

A sports vehicle will be rated higher by most insurance companies than a family sedan. This is due to sports vehicles parts normally cost more to repair plus they are statistically in more accidents at higher speeds, thus appear to insurance underwriters as more of a risk.

The classification of a car as a sports car, family car, etc will depend upon the definitions set forth by an insurance company. Each insurance company has its own vehicle classification system that is typically based upon ISO (Insurance Services Office) VIN system or other company proprietary ranking systems.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sports cars may have many accidents but they require much attention and awareness when driving, but its vehicles like sedans and other family vehicles that have too many distractions like kids, eating, arguing with another that make them more dangerous to others than someone driving a sports car. I honestly have avoided arrogant drivers in big cars many many times in my eclipse. I would say sports cars have safer drivers than family vehicles.