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What is the difference in insurance rates for a vehicle that is 2-wheel drive versus 4-wheel drive. And what about a V-4 versus V-6?

Insurance company guidelines and rating systems differ so having a 4 wheel drive vehicle with a 6 cylinder engine may cost more or it may make little different in the premium you pay.

In some cases, the engine size does not affect the rate you will pay. However, in some cases, it does. There are many factors that determine how much you will pay for your insurance.

Classifying a vehicle for car insurance varies from insurance company to insurance company. The classification of a car as a sports car, family car, etc. will depend upon the definitions set forth by each individual insurance company. Each insurance company has its own vehicle classification system that is typically based upon ISO (Insurance Services Office) VIN system or other company proprietary ranking systems.

Both foreign and domestic private passenger autos are classified as a vehicle type - sports car, high performance, luxury, van, truck, convertible, etc. Each of the following items helps determine a vehicle's classification as a sports car or other type of vehicle:

  • Engine Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Body Style
  • Engine Size
  • Full Model Name
  • Model/Series
  • Body
  • Engine
  • Cylinders
  • Restraint
  • Restraint Indicator
  • Anti-lock
  • Transmission
  • Other Options
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Wheel Base
  • Class Code
  • Anti-Theft
  • Curb Weight
  • Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Height
  • Horsepower

With some insurance providers having a 6 cylinder vehicle may raise your rates but with others they may rate a 4 or 6 cylinder vehicle the same. It may depend on if a 6 cylinder car because of other options is determined to be more of a sports car while the 4 cylinder version is not.

In general a four wheel drive truck's insurance rates will be higher than a two wheel drive truck. This is due to the fact that a four wheel drive vehicle normally cost more and its parts if damaged can be more expensive to repair.

Typically a 4X4 vehicle is considered a higher risk than a 4X2 if it is a comparable vehicle. For example, a 4 wheel drive BMW is a higher class than a 2 wheel drive BMW, but a 4 wheel drive pickup truck may be in a lower class than a 4 wheel drive BMW.

Your geographical location may also make a difference on the cost of insurance for a 4 wheel drive truck. For instance if you live in Texas insurance for this type of truck may not be much more than a 2 wheel drive truck since 4 wheel trucks are so prevalent that parts and mechanics for them are easier to find then say if you live in New Jersey.

So rates may differ if a car is a 4 wheel drive compare to a 2 wheel drive or if a car is a 6 cylinder or a 4 cylinder but how much the premium will differ will depend upon the rating system of the insurance company. If you are shopping around for a vehicle and insurance than you can see the cost of a four wheel drive vs. two wheel drive and V-6 vs. a V-4 with CarInsurance.com. Enter your zip code in above and click on 'Start Quote'. This will start your quoting process.

You can obtain an unlimited number of free auto insurance quotes at our web site and change factors such as the number of cylinders of a vehicle and if it is a 2 or 4 wheel drive to see how these differences may affect your rates.


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