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I ran a stop sign and received the first ticket on my record. Will it raise my insurance?


A minor violation such as running a stop sign will not cause your car insurance rates to rise all by itself.

Of course, there are exceptions. Every insurance company calculates risk differently, but most will forgive the small things unless they are part of a larger pattern. (See "Tickets that don't raise your insurance rates.") In some states, insurers are bound by law to ignore the first violation.

A series of minor traffic infractions is a different story, so be especially cautious until your driving record is clear, usually three years.

But there's no reason not to be careful all the time. In the end, the rules are about safety before they are about insurance, and had another car been in the intersection when you ran the stop sign, you'd have a very different story to tell.

And, for sure, much higher insurance rates.

If your rates do wind up rising after this ticket, that's the time to shop around. Another insurer is likely to see the situation differently. Let CarInsurance.com help you out. We offer multiple company insurance rates for personal auto insurance and the ability to purchase from one place.

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