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5 steps to increase the performance of your vehicle this weekend



Six steps to increase the performance of your vehicle this weekend

You are itching to do some improvement to your car but cannot decide on what exactly. There are several ways in which to personalize your car such as seat covers, rims, and other aesthetically pleasing items. Instead of just changing the look of your vehicle think about spending your money to improve the performance of your car.

Improving your car's capabilities can cost you a little or cost you a lot depending on how much you want to do and want to spend. We will start out small and build up to the more expensive items. No matter if big or small, you can do any of these improvements in a weekend.

You won't get car insurance discounts for a clean and good-running car, but if you keep receipts and take pictures you should get a better settlement if the car is ever stolen or totaled.

Step One: Clean out your car. One of the easiest ways to get your car to function better is to get rid of any extra weight and dirt. Less weight equals better performance. That drag coefficient is less and not only will you engine appreciate it your gas mileage should also improve. This step just takes time and no money.

Step Two: Change to Synthetic Oil. Synthetic engine oil is designed to provide the best protection, cleanliness, and lowest friction for a gasoline or diesel engine. Synthetic oil is believed to lubricate the engine more efficiently because it breaks down at a slower rate. This provides wear protection and friction reduction as the engine operates in various conditions. What does this performance booster cost you? It only cost under $3 for a quart and this is only $1 more than what your normal quart of oil would cost you.

Step Three: Add additives to your coolant reservoir.There are different additives that can be put in with your coolant but the most widely known one is called Water Wetter. This is a wetting agent, which reduces your vehicle's coolant temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Water Wetter is a unique additive that can be used to provide corrosion and rust protection. When added to new or used antifreeze it improves heat transfer. The best part is this only cost around $8 for a bottle.

Step Four: Change your spark plug wires. There are many manufacturers of performance spark plug wires that can improve the performance of your engine. The special wiring has incredibly low resistance without electronic interference. The after market plug wires carries a stronger signal to the spark plug. The stronger signal increases the efficiency of your vehicle's spark plugs. Changing out the spark plug wires will take you between 15 minutes up to a one half hour. The pricing of these spark plug wires can vary but you can get a good set for as little as $45.

Step Five: Replacing the stock air filter. The easiest way to increase the performance of any engine is to improve the airflow into the engine. High performance cool air intake systems are designed to take in cold air from the outside of your engine compartment.

These after market air filters are also molded to ensure the coolest air possible by blocking engine heat. With reduced heat, the engine can breathe easier, reduce power loss, and most importantly increase its horsepower. Depending on the size of the engine, you can get from an extra 5 to 20 hp. The installation only takes about 30 - 45 minutes.

The top producers of after market air filters are Volant and K&N. The pricing starts at around $130 so it is a pricey upgrade. The gas savings and increased horsepower can be well worth it though. K&N prices are a bit higher with the high performance kits starting at about $350. Nevertheless, for this price they carry a million mile warranty. The filters are washable and reusable, thus never need replacing.

There you have it, five steps in which to improve the performance of your vehicle. If you do all six your car should have improved fuel efficiency as well as increased horsepower. The time it would take you to complete all five steps is probably less than six hours total. With that little time spent with the upgrades, you still have most of your weekend left to watch the game on TV or mow the lawn.


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2 Responses to "5 steps to increase the performance of your vehicle this weekend"
  1. alex

    The vortex thing that people put in their intakes add no power in many cases they actually decrease power by blocking air. When you say that the theory is they make a air vortex that's just what it is, a theory. By the time the air reaches the cylinder that vortex is gone.

  2. 0-60

    Great article! I just bought a 2005 Jag XJR and will try these out. Too bad the Tornado does not fit that model though.