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Good driver discounts

No claims and no tickets? Congratulations! You are the kind of driver that car insurance companies love the most.

You will not only pay the cheapest car insurance rates, as a preferred customer, you also will qualify for further good driver and safe driver discounts.

Good driver discount / safe driver discount

Typical discount 10 percent to 25 percent

Available to: Drivers with a clean record for the last three years or more. This means no traffic tickets or at-fault accidents showing on your motor vehicle report (MVR). 

Caveats: Some insurers require a five-year clean record. Some states require a discount if a driver meets certain criteria. For example:

California – A good driver is defined as a person who has been licensed for at least three consecutive years and has no more than one point on his or her driving record.  State laws require that a good driver’s insurance rates must be at least 20 percent lower than what a non-good driver's rates would be at the same insurance company.

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Georgia – State laws require a 10 percent discount to drivers aged 25 or older who have a clean driving record for three years prior and no at-fault accidents and complete an approved defensive driver course.  Drivers under 25 can get 10 percent discount for three years if they complete classroom and practical training. 

Portions of the policy discount can vary but in general will apply to bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverages, comprehensive, collision, PIP and medical payments.

Length: Continual if you keep a clean record.

Accident-free discount

Typical discount starts at 5 percent

Available to: Drivers who do not have an at-fault accident for a specified period, usually three years.

Caveats: Some insurers require a five-year accident-free record. Discount amount varies greatly but can increase over time if you continue with the same auto insurance provider and continue to be free of accidents.  Typically the discount applies to the bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and medical payments portions of your policy.

Length: Continual discount if driver remains accident-free.

Claims-free discount

Typical discount up to 20 percent

Available to: Drivers who have not filed certain types of claims within a specified period, usually five years.

Caveats:  The availability, qualifications and amount of the claims-free discount varies by insurer and even by state.  Discount may apply to liability coverages, collision, comprehensive and medical payments.

Length:  Renewable if driver continues to be claims-free.

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