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In the state of Michigan how many points does it take to be considered a bad driver or unsafe driver for insurance purposes?


The state of Michigan has a point system in which each traffic violation has a point value, which is set by law in the Michigan Vehicle Code. Points are assessed and placed on your driving record after you have been convicted or found guilty of or responsible for a civil infraction. Points placed on your driver record (MVR) remain there for 2 years.

The amount of points in which it takes for an insurance company to classify you an unsafe driver will depend on the individual insurance company since companies vary on how they use these infractions to determine your rates or if you are a high risk driver. To find out about your insurance company's rating system you can contact them or your state's insurance regulator since rates must be filed with this agency.

Remember MI has decided that if you accumulate 7 or more qualifying points on your driving record or are convicted of specific traffic offenses you will have to take part in the Driver Responsibility Program. So it is important to keep points low not only for insurance reasons but so that you will not have to pay out for this fee which could range from $100 to $1000.


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2 Responses to "In the state of Michigan how many points does it take to be considered a bad driver or unsafe driver for insurance purposes?"
  1. Anonymous

    I had a guy in Ohio who was driving a state owned vehicle rear end my truck,and his passenger was killed. The Ohio Police covered for the other driver by changing the facts on the accident report to make me ( A Michigan driver) look at fault.The state of Michigan has revoked my CDL license.Michigan is using my driving record from way back in 1964 when I first started driving! To say the state only keeps your record for three years is a lie.They called a "Habitual Offender Record" The Ohio State Police,and the Ohio Dept of Public Safety is refusing Michigan permission to reinstate my drivers license. You cant fight government,and auto insurance,and police corruption.

  2. Anonymous

    How points on your license revokes your drivers license or suspends it?