DMV points differ by state. Some states do not have any type of point system, while many do and assess points for most moving violations. A conviction for a seat belt ticket will be assigned points in some states and not in other states. So since state laws and points schedules vary, you will need to contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if a conviction on a seat belt violation will cause points to be placed on your driving record.

It might even depend on the type of seat belt offense you were cited for violating by law enforcement. For example, in New York state, if a driver is convicted of a violation where a passenger under age 16 is not wearing a seat belt or in a child safety seat, 3 points are assigned to the driver’s record. If convicted of a seat belt violation involving the driver or a passenger age 16 or older, no points are assigned to the driver’s record.

Florida is another state in which there is no listing for points for a driver being cited for a seat belt violation however, if the ticket was for a child restraint violation ticket, then 3 points are assigned.

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