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What does a plus 2 on your driving record mean, is that a good thing or bad?


It depends upon the state and record point accumulation system. Typically, plus 2 on a driving record generally means that you have accumulated 2 points on your license.

Having points is considered a bad thing because it means that you have been convicted of a traffic violation and that offense, along with points, have been placed on your driving record.

When you have been convicted of speeding or other moving violations that are then placed on your driving record then the next time your insurance company pulls your MVR they will see the violation and will rate accordingly which means that the cost of your auto insurance premiums could go up.

Having points on your license is also bad because in most states if you accumulate too many points then your license can become suspended for being a habitual traffic offender.

To find out about your specific state's points system and if there is a way to remove or reduce your points you can check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles

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