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Will I pay less for car insurance if I am disabled?


Question: I am disabled, but I still can drive. I am not able to work anymore, and I only drive about 30 miles a week. Do I still have to pay the full amount for car insurance?

Answer: Being disabled doesn’t get you any extra discounts with auto insurance companies, but driving less may certainly bring you cheaper car insurance rates.

The less you drive, the less risk there is of an accident, so your annual mileage is a rating factor with most car insurance companies.

If you were putting 15,000 miles on your car previously and now will only drive 2,000 miles annually, then you should see a reduced premium amount because you have reduced your risk as a driver to your insurance company.

It makes a difference to your car insurance company if your car is a daily commuter car, used once a week for errands, or just a pleasure car used once a month, since the use of your vehicle is a rating factor.

Driving in traffic during high risk times compare to Sunday afternoons without traffic shows less risk to an insurance company; thus, you should pay less if your car insurance company takes these factors into consideration when calculating premiums.

You can’t just pay less for your car insurance payments because you drive less, instead you need to contact your car insurance company and inform them that your situation has changed.

Let your auto insurance provider know how the car is now being used and the fewer amount of miles that it’s being driven. They will tell you if your premium amount can be lowered.

If your car insurance rates don’t drop as much as you’d like with your current insurer, then it’s time to shop around and find more affordable car insurance.

You may want to see if one of the pay-as-you-go plans (also known as usage-based insurance or UBI), that a few car insurance carriers have in place, would bring you even better car insurance rates.  These plans monitor your driving behavior and reward you with discounts for safe driving and low mileage.

See our articles “State Farm’s In-Drive discount: What’s the catch?” and “”’Snapshot’ insurance: What’s the catch?” for more information on these types of auto insurance plans. Travelers and Allstate also have plans.

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