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Can I get car insurance as a foreign tourist to a rent car in the US?


No. If you are only visiting the U.S. as an international tourist with a foreign license, then you will be unable to buy a personal auto insurance policy to cover a rental car. Instead, you will need to buy your car insurance coverage from the rental car agency.

For U.S. drivers who don't own a car but want to buy a car insurance policy because they frequency rent cars, we usually recommend they get a non-owner's policy. This, however, will not work for your needs because you do not have a U.S. driver's license.

U.S. car insurance companies require you to have a U.S. driver's license (or be able to obtain one in about 30 days) and a U.S. address. Without having these items it is very difficult for a motorist to get a U.S. car insurance policy.

The easiest way to get coverage for a rental car, as a foreign licensed driver, is to purchase it at the rental car agency. We feel for you because insurance purchased from a rental car agency isn't cheap, but it is typically your most viable option, unless your auto insurance provider from your home country will extend coverage to you in a U.S. rental car.

One other option to check on is insurance coverage through your credit card company. Some credit card companies provide insurance coverage for car rentals as a benefit. 

Normally the car insurance extended to rental cars by credit cards is secondary, but some companies allow it to be primary if you are renting a car out of the country where your personal auto insurance policy won't cover you.

If you end up settling down in the U.S., then you can obtain a state driver's license, which would make it easier to get a non-owner's car insurance policy, or if you obtain a car, an owner's policy. To buy either type of coverage, you can use CarInsurance.com.

Our site automatically finds you the best rates available because companies compete for your business, so that you can obtain the best car insurance rates.


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2 Responses to "Can I get car insurance as a foreign tourist to a rent car in the US?"
  1. Some guy

    Some companies do offer insurance to visitors without requiring a US drivers license. One such: Progressive.

  2. siu fung

    Excellent answer. I got all the information I need.