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Drive in Texas with valid Indian driver's license?


Question: I have a valid Indian driving license but no international license. Can I drive in the state of Texas? The license I have is in English so do I still need an International driving permit(IDP)?

Answer: The Texas Driver's Manual states that nonresidents (at least 18 years of age) may drive any vehicle in Texas if they are legally licensed to drive such a vehicle in their home state or country, and their home state or country grants like recognition to citizens of Texas.

The TX Department of Public Safety notes that generally, a person 18 to 75 years of age with a valid out-of-country driver license in their possession may drive a private, non-commercial motor vehicle in the State of Texas for up to one year from date of entry into the United States, if their home country has reciprocity with the U.S.

The TX DPS states that in order to check for reciprocity agreement status, you may contact License Issuance at (512) 424-5089.You can also get more specific information about your situation from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and by reading the Subchapter E, of Chapter 15, Part 1 of Title 37 of the TX Administrative Code. 

Usually an IDP is not required but is helpful to have as a translation of your Indian license. However, if your valid license from India is already in English, it will not likely be needed. You can contact the Texas DPS to find out exactly what you should bring with you to drive in the state of Texas so you will not have difficulties driving if you are stopped by law enforcement.

Although you can drive in Texas with your valid Indian driver's license, it is illegal to operate a vehicle without the minimum liability insurance coverage.


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2 Responses to "Drive in Texas with valid Indian driver's license?"
  1. Anonymous

    This really helped me because I have indian driving license and was wondering to drive in texas or not. I have received different communications that i can drive and i cant from my friends. But this has the genuince informaiton. Thanks for all the help

  2. Anonymous

    Nice info.