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Do insurance premiums increase every year?



Do insurance premiums increase every year?

Many people ask, "If I am supposed to get a renewal discount, why do my premiums seem to increase with each renewal?" The answer is not always so simple. Each year, new vehicles cost more than they did the previous year. It will probably cost more to fix a damaged vehicle than it did last year, or five years ago when you first bought your current policy. However, in many cases, your renewal premium will be less. Some factors that contribute to decreases in your premiums are straightforward.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) and National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the cost of auto insurance has actually been on the decline the last couple of years. It has only been by a mere 1.7 percent and then 1 percent but that is better than the rising rate of insurance in the past (of 3% or more annually). Why are rates declining? The number of auto accidents is on the decline due to better drivers and safer cars as well as crackdowns on fraud and abuse. However, due to the rising costs for medical care, vehicle repairs and high jury awards the potential of price increases in the future still remain a possibility. Automobile theft rates and fraud will keep costs higher for motorists in some states, such as Florida, Massachusetts, and New York.

Unfortunately, even though drivers are filing fewer claims these days, the claims that are filed are costing the insurance companies more than they used to. It is costing more to repair cars as the amount of damage sustained in crashes is up from what it was a few years ago. Some in the industry feel this is due to accidents involving sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

The cost of medical coverage is also increasing. Auto insurers could pay as much as $20 billion in medical claims in one year. Higher costs for hospitalization, medical care, medication and associated legal costs are also to blame for auto insurance rates that begin to rise or may in the future after the slight decline seen in the recent years.

What can you expect to pay for insurance? In many cases, your renewal discount will offset a rate increase from your company. It can become hard to keep track of increases if you make many changes to your policy. When you move to a new residence or get a newer vehicle as these factors affect the rate you pay. Your driving record is also one of the factors the insurance company uses in determining your rate. Go to http://www.carinsurance.com. Not only will you get the rates of various insurance companies, you will see the A.M. Best rating for each company alongside their rates for your personal situation.

Now is the time for your fingers to punch their way to a quick rate analysis and view the ratings at the same time.


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