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When do insurance companies check driving records?


An insurance company can check your record anytime. The most common times are:

  • when you initially apply for coverage
  • when you request a change to your policy (add/remove drivers, change coverage, etc.)
  • when you add a vehicle to your policy or change the covered vehicle
  • when your policy comes up for renewal
  • every 2 renewal cycles

Some insurance companies use a random method for checking records. Whereas, they randomly spot check some policy records at the above intervals. This isn't common, but it may occur with some carriers.


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8 Responses to "When do insurance companies check driving records?"
  1. michael frisbie

    My son moved to Colorado and I want to know if he can still be on my insurance in California?

  2. Anonymous

    Very Helpful! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    had all the info i needed

  4. Anonymous

    good question and answer but I think Insur companies are a big rip off.. I have a perfect record for 40 years and 1 speeding ticket and it goes up to 90.00 every 6 months..shame on them...

  5. Anonymous

    Good website, I wonder how often renewal cycles occur?

  6. Anonymous

    Your website kicks a**...

  7. Anonymous

    Great question, great answer. I was wondering this myself....

  8. Anonymous

    I currently am in a situation that is causing me to wonder when my current insurance company checks my driving record.