Question: I live in Minnesota and received several moving violations more than three years ago. One of the tickets was reckless driving in North Dakota. So, how long do speeding tickets stay on your record in Minnesota and affect my insurance?

Answer: Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services states that regular moving violations (speed, stop signs, HOV, etc.) have a five-year mandatory retention under state law. After that, you can request to remove a speeding ticket from your record in Minnesota. Alcohol violations, however, are permanent.

The Minnesota driver’s manual states that the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) maintains your driving record, which contains information about driving and licensing violations in Minnesota and other states.

The least amount of time that speeding tickets will stay on your Minnesota driving record is five years. After that time has passed and you wish it to be taken off, you will need to contact the Minnesota driver and vehicle services department and request that it be removed.

You will need to wait till at least five years have elapsed since the moving violation convictions were placed on your Minnesota MVR before you can call and request them to be removed.

You can compare insurance companies to find out how long these offenses will affect your rates. It will depend upon the rating system of the individual insurance company if these violations that occurred more than three years ago will affect your rates or not. Some may rate taking these into consideration while others may not. Insurance companies tend to “look back” on your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) three, five or seven years so they would see it.


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