To get back your driving privileges, it will depend on what your offense was and the state laws or regulations of the state in which your driver's license was suspended or revoked. If you have a suspended license due to things such as unpaid tickets (in or out of state) than it might be as simple as paying the fines and fees for these offenses and then request your license back.

If instead your license was taken away due to a DUI, state laws might require you to take an alcohol or drug class, pay fines and get an SR-22 or items of this nature. If you have too many points on your license and so it was revoked or suspended, see if taking a driving improvement class might allow you to get your license reinstated.

For specific information on how to get your driver's license back contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, or similar agency, in your state. Once you do have you license back, if you need to acquire insurance for your vehicle you can get free car insurance quotes here with us.