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How long do points stay on your driving record in Tennessee?


The Tennessee Department of Safety told us that each time a violation is posted to a person's driving record, the TN Department of Safety computer will look back for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the posted date of the violation to determine whether the driver has accumulated twelve (12) points within any twelve (12) month period within the past twenty-four (24) to warrant a proposed suspension notice.

So it appears in Tennessee that points are looked back on for 2 years from the posted date of the violation associated with the points.

The TN Department of Safety representative also told us that in Tennessee violations appear on a driving record for three (3) years from the event date. However they also stated that if a person's driver's license status is listed as suspended or revoked at the time a Motor Vehicle record (MVR) is purchased they will report the previous seven (7) years of activity.

To get a copy of your TN motor vehicle record or find out more about the points system for moving violation convictions in Tennessee contact their Department of Safety directly. For low cost TN car insurance quotes, click here.


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