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Does a car with security markings need commercial car insurance?


Question:  Is a passenger car that has security markings and overhead lights considered a commercial vehicle?

Answer: Yes. A car that is marked as a security vehicle, has a light bar, and is recognized by others as a business vehicle would be considered a commercial vehicle by car insurance companies.

A vehicle that is used for work purposes, in this case security, is what commercial or business-use auto insurance is for.

Vehicles that are used for work are driven in a different capacity than personal vehicles, so they have different risks that auto insurance companies need to consider.

To cover the perils that are more probable for a work vehicle, car insurance companies want a security vehicle placed under a commercial policy and will not normally accept it under a personal auto insurance policy.

Whether you are delivering food, providing services for money or patrolling in a security vehicle, the odds are that with a commercial vehicle you will put more miles on the vehicle than with a personal vehicle that is driven mostly just to work and back.

The more miles the vehicle is driven, the more likely there is for an accident to occur.  For this risk and the risks inherent in security tasks, your car insurance coverage needs to reflect added risk factors by providing more coverage.

To help you determine your needs and if your particular situation requires a commercial auto insurance policy, request commercial auto insurance quote online.

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