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How do I lower my auto insurance rates?


There are many ways to lower your insurance rates, here are a few simple ways. 

  • Shopping around is the best way to save. CarInsurance.com shows you that there are many companies trying to get your business. Companies change their rates regularly, so even if you shopped when your last policy renewed it is a good idea to compare rates regularly.
    • We recommend getting at least 3 different prices. Our site allows you to get several rates returned (it varies depending on your state). With our agency, you can purchase the insurance immediately through us, or compare to other competitors. Get quotes from different types of insurance companies. We offer companies that sell through their own agents, we offer companies that sell directly through independent agents (like CarInsurance.com). We even offer companies that only sell directly to consumers over the phone or via the Internet.
  • Drive a hybrid or efficient cars that are proven to have less claims or costs for repairs.
  • Drive carefully. Even one or two traffic violations can increase your rate by $200-$400, depending on the state, the insurance company, and safe driver discounts that can be available with carriers.
  • Never let your policy expire; don't let a policy not renew or have replacement coverage. You will pay more when you buy a new policy if you haven't had previous continuous coverage.
  • Check insurance costs before you buy a car. This will save you more in the long run.
  • If you have an older car, decide if physical damage coverage is really needed. There is no reason to pay more for coverage if you can easily handle the costs of repairs yourself.
  • Purchase multiple policies for other products to get a multi-policy discount
  • Do everything possible to maintain a good credit record. Insurance companies have found that credit ratings are a direct indicator for claims, so it's used as a rating variable. In certain states, like California, credit cannot be used as a rating factor.
  • With CarInsurance.com we automatically factor in low mileage discounts based upon the mileage answers you give. You should pay less if you drive a vehicle less so make sure you are getting low mileage discounts for the cars you drive less. If you're driving less, make sure you tell your company before your next renewal.
  • Request higher deductibles for coverages that have deductible options like comprehensive, collision, PIP (some states), UMPD (some states) coverage.

View our articles and Q&As for much more information on how to save money on car insurance.  And to determine what coverage you need, read "How much car insurance should you buy?"


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6 Responses to "How do I lower my auto insurance rates?"
  1. Palescia

    I think with the way things have been in the USA with jobs loss and all, I strongly feel that there should be no rating of credit for the insurance. I think the insurance companies should lower their rates so people can afford to buy the insurance. I think car companies should also lower the cost of cars so that people can buy the cars. I know if I could get insurance for $1,000 for 6 months and buy a car for $15,000 out-the-door taxes and all I would see the cars flying off the lots. Every one would win.

  2. Anonymous

    No, your insurance rate has nothing to do with your credit or lack of credit. It is all about your driving record, age, gender, and your car.

  3. Anonymous

    I absolutely think that considering credit rating when determining insurance premiums is the biggest LOAD OF BULL! My previous economic hardships (and their effect on my credit rating) having nothing to do with me having an accident. God forbid Im late paying the cable bill and my toaster should catch fire!

  4. Anonymous

    deductibles don't take away a lot. Give me better answers!

  5. Anonymous

    How does my credit hurt my insurance rate when I have no credit

  6. Anonymous

    The reason why I rated this qusetion a ten is because thousands of people are going through economic problems with all these high insurance prices and a lot of people will vote for car insurances to be lowered!