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Cheap car insurance for young drivers: 5 hacks for 2018

Young man with cashCar insurance rates have been climbing over recent years, and 2018 will see the continuation of that trend. If you’re in the market for car insurance for new drivers, say teens, or car insurance for college students, that isn’t good news, as rates are super high for inexperienced motorists. But you’re in the right place to learn how to lower car insurance costs, even though finding cheap car insurance for young drivers is challenging, it’s not impossible.

But, first, you may be wondering: Why is car insurance is so expensive?

Federal research shows people are driving more --  the average miles driven per year is on the rise --  and more motorists on the road means more accidents. The cost to repair newer model cars with high-tech safety devices and sensor technology is also increasing, as are medical costs for injuries. And don’t forget about the hurricane and hail damage from recent severe weather storms. Insurers are passing on some of these higher expenses to you in the form of higher car insurance rates to recoup their losses.

5 tips to get cheap car insurance for young drivers

To help you trim costs, Penny Gusner, CarInsurance.com consumer analyst, advises the following:

1. Take a defensive driving course or driver training course

Defensive driving classes go beyond the basics taught in driver’s education by having motorists learn how to drive in hazardous conditions, anticipate dangerous situations and avoid accidents. The best part? The cost is usually only $25 to $75 and you’ll typically snag a discount of five to 15 percent for three years.  Note, however, that insurer and state law requirements for these discounts vary a great deal. For example, 21st Century Insurance offers a discount to drivers under the age of 21 who take a state approved defensive driver course but with Esurance the discount is not age-based and is available to all drivers in New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, Georgia and Oklahoma.

Another option, though it also comes with exceptions, is to take a driver training course. Some car insurance companies will offer a discount between five and 15 percent, for driving training courses, while others do not since it is part of the licensing process.

2. Stay on your parent’s policy

If at all possible, stay as a named driver on your parent’s policy as long as you can. This is usually the cheapest way to get insurance if you are a young driver. You and your parents can net a multi-car discount of up to 25 percent.

3. Be sure you are assigned to the cheapest car in the household

If your household has several cars, it can save money to have you assigned to a specific one -- the one that's cheapest to insure. Check your policy and be sure to double-check this with your insurer, as some companies will automatically assign young drivers to the most expensive vehicle unless you tell them otherwise.

4. Cash in on distance discounts

Car insurance for college students can be pricey for sure, but you can capitalize on certain discounts. One that can reap up to 20 percent off is the “Student Away” discount. Typically, you qualify if you are listed on your parent’s policy and drive one of their cars they keep at home but attend college 100 or miles away. Some insurers may also require that you are under age 26 and unmarried to receive the discount.

5. Compare car insurance quotes online

We fooled you, as chances are you thought we’d list the “good student discount,” which usually gives up to 15 percent off for those who maintain a “B” average, but most folks are aware of that. While it’s a bonus that’s good to get, and one we recommend you look into, you can likely save way more by simply doing a car insurance comparison to see who offers the lowest rates. Here’s why: Rates for the exact same coverage vary by hundreds of dollars, depending on which insurer you choose. That’s because each insurance company assesses risk differently and uses its own formula when deciding how much you pay. If you don’t shop around, you won’t save. You can see how much you can save by using our average car insurance rates tool, which shows rates by ZIP code for six age groups and three coverage levels, as well as the highest and  lowest rates fielded from up to six major insurers.

Which auto insurance companies have the best rates?

To help you buy the most affordable coverage, in the chart below you’ll see average rates by company for each state for drivers age 20 for state minimum liability limits.

StateCompanyAverage annual rate
Alaska Allstate $563
Alaska Geico $576
Alaska State Farm $638
Alaska Progressive $1,154
Alabama Allstate $918
Alabama Geico $486
Alabama Mid Century $1,339
Alabama Nationwide $1,429
Alabama Progressive $1,119
Alabama State Farm $1,071
Arkansas Geico $608
Arkansas State Farm $687
Arkansas Allstate $857
Arkansas Progressive $1,003
Arkansas Farmers $1,039
Arkansas Nationwide $1,369
Arizona Geico $541
Arizona Allstate $832
Arizona State Farm $1,048
Arizona Progressive $1,183
Arizona Farmers $1,354
Arizona Nationwide $1,373
California Geico $573
California United Financial $918
California Northbrook $1,005
California State Farm $1,176
California Amco $1,287
California Farmers $1,469
Colorado Geico $517
Colorado State Farm $825
Colorado Allstate $1,196
Colorado Farmers $1,253
Colorado Progressive $1,282
Connecticut Geico $1,045
Connecticut State Farm $1,217
Connecticut Allstate $1,339
Connecticut Nationwide $1,830
Connecticut Foremost $2,045
Connecticut Progressive $2,375
DC Geico Gen $623
DC State Farm $1,206
DC Allstate $1,360
DC Progressive $2,134
DC Nationwide $2,175
Delaware Geico $1,054
Delaware Allstate $1,510
Delaware Progressive $1,585
Delaware State Farm $1,770
Delaware Nationwide $2,350
Florida Geico $802
Florida State Farm $1,342
Florida Progressive $1,648
Florida Allstate $2,109
Florida 21st Century $2,435
Georgia Geico $587
Georgia Nationwide $1,078
Georgia State Farm $1,134
Georgia Allstate $1,426
Georgia Progressive $1,601
Hawaii Geico $303
Hawaii State Farm $407
Hawaii Allstate $453
Hawaii Farmers $806
Hawaii Progressive $826
Iowa Geico $363
Iowa State Farm $490
Iowa Allstate Fire $600
Iowa Amco $632
Iowa Farmers $764
Iowa Progressive $861
Idaho Geico $487
Idaho State Farm $532
Idaho Progressive $557
Idaho Allstate $813
Idaho Farmers $846
Idaho Depositors $1,026
Illinois State Farm $453
Illinois Geico $520
Illinois Amco $783
Illinois Allstate $923
Illinois Progressive $1,082
Illinois Illinois Farmers $1,486
Indiana Geico $464
Indiana Illinois Farmers $707
Indiana State Farm $759
Indiana Progressive $899
Indiana Nationwide $901
Indiana Allstate $1,080
Kansas Geico $446
Kansas State Farm $667
Kansas Allstate $767
Kansas Nationwide $832
Kansas Progressive $1,054
Kansas Farmers $1,149
Kentucky Geico $702
Kentucky State Farm $1,348
Kentucky Allstate $1,602
Kentucky Nationwide $1,761
Kentucky Progressive $2,108
Louisiana Geico $920
Louisiana State Farm $1,364
Louisiana Allstate $1,504
Louisiana Progressive $2,362
Massachusetts State Farm $574
Massachusetts Geico $755
Massachusetts Progressive $1,213
Massachusetts Allstate $1,796
Maryland Geico $1,053
Maryland Nationwide $1,149
Maryland State Farm $1,150
Maryland Allstate $1,295
Maryland Progressive $1,448
Maine Geico $449
Maine State Farm $790
Maine Allstate $827
Maine Progressive $946
Michigan Geico $826
Michigan Progressive $1,391
Michigan Titan $2,164
Michigan Allstate $2,697
Michigan State Farm $3,768
Michigan Farmers $5,994
Minnesota Geico $773
Minnesota State Farm $839
Minnesota Allstate $1,041
Minnesota Illinois Farmers $1,164
Minnesota Progressive $1,391
Minnesota Allied $1,398
Missouri Geico $425
Missouri State Farm $756
Missouri Allstate $845
Missouri Allied $861
Missouri Progressive Cas Ins Co $1,101
Missouri Farmers $1,128
Mississippi Geico $579
Mississippi State Farm $814
Mississippi Nationwide $818
Mississippi Progressive $1,036
Mississippi Allstate $1,120
Montana Geico $428
Montana State Farm $502
Montana Progressive $671
Montana Depositors $682
Montana Allstate $904
Montana Mid Century $957
North Carolina Geico $315
North Carolina State Farm $353
North Carolina Progressive $370
North Carolina Farmers $394
North Carolina Nationwide $404
North Carolina Allstate $413
North Carolina Nationwide $616
North Dakota Allstate $576
North Dakota State Farm $582
North Dakota Geico $633
North Dakota Allied $648
North Dakota Mid Century $731
North Dakota Progressive N $850
Nebraska Geico $464
Nebraska Allstate $522
Nebraska State Farm $586
Nebraska Mid Century $732
Nebraska Allied $733
Nebraska Progressive $1,092
New Hampshire Geico $432
New Hampshire Allstate $696
New Hampshire State Farm $778
New Hampshire Nationwide $974
New Hampshire Progressive $2,336
New Jersey 21st Century $713
New Jersey Geico $817
New Jersey Allstate $1,289
New Jersey Progressive $1,596
New Jersey State Farm $1,874
New Mexico Geico $421
New Mexico State Farm $739
New Mexico Farmers $1,073
New Mexico Allstate $1,108
New Mexico Progressive $1,135
Nevada Geico $823
Nevada Victoria $1,088
Nevada Allstate $1,271
Nevada State Farm $1,328
Nevada Mid Century $1,343
Nevada Progressive $1,632
New York Geico $609
New York Progressive $1,292
New York Allstate $1,388
New York State Farm $1,727
New York Foremost $1,764
New York Nationwide $2,304
Ohio Geico $501
Ohio State Farm M $592
Ohio Allstate $692
Ohio Progressive $1,009
Ohio Farmers I $1,012
Ohio Nationwide $1,625
Oklahoma Geico $522
Oklahoma State Farm $763
Oklahoma Allstate $987
Oklahoma Farmers $1,030
Oklahoma Progressive $1,433
Oregon Geico $951
Oregon State Farm $1,051
Oregon Nationwide Ins Co Of Amer $1,344
Oregon Allstate $1,370
Oregon Farmers $1,405
Oregon Progressive $1,790
Pennsylvania Geico $449
Pennsylvania Nationwide $588
Pennsylvania State Farm $813
Pennsylvania Allstate $1,142
Pennsylvania Progressive $1,432
Rhode Island State Farm $826
Rhode Island Geico $1,001
Rhode Island Allstate $1,874
Rhode Island Nationwide $2,146
Rhode Island Progressive $2,150
South Carolina Allstate $769
South Carolina Geico $883
South Carolina Progressive $1,399
South Carolina Nationwide $1,453
South Carolina State Farm $1,938
South Dakota Geico $389
South Dakota Progressive Northern Ins Co $463
South Dakota State Farm $520
South Dakota Allstate $610
South Dakota Mid Century $771
South Dakota Amco $815
Tennessee Geico $502
Tennessee Nationwide Affinity Co of Amer $707
Tennessee State Farm $750
Tennessee Progressive $995
Tennessee Mid Century $1,071
Tennessee Allstate $1,071
Texas Geico $610
Texas Farmers $768
Texas Allstate $969
Texas State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co $1,046
Texas Colonial $1,396
Texas Progressive $1,498
Utah Geico $490
Utah Allstate $873
Utah Mid Century $1,226
Utah State Farm $1,294
Utah Allied $1,430
Utah Progressive $1,711
Virginia Allstate $590
Virginia State Farm $690
Virginia Geico $715
Virginia Nationwide $842
Virginia Progressive $1,222
Vermont Geico $352
Vermont Allstate $531
Vermont Nationwide $807
Vermont State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co $822
Vermont Progressive $1,077
Washington Geico $697
Washington State Farm $729
Washington Farmers $1,086
Washington Allstate $1,154
Washington Progressive $1,211
Washington Nationwide $1,214
Wisconsin Geico $363
Wisconsin State Farm $579
Wisconsin Allstate P $645
Wisconsin Artisan & Truckers $785
Wisconsin Mid Century $1,037
Wisconsin Amco $1,070
West Virginia Geico $709
West Virginia State Farm $811
West Virginia Allstate $839
West Virginia Progressive $1,152
West Virginia Nationwide $1,215
Wyoming Geico $376
Wyoming State Farm $551
Wyoming Allstate $741
Wyoming Farmers $820

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