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Can I buy insurance to cover any vehicle that I might drive?


When you buy auto insurance to cover your vehicle it may also over you when you drive other vehicles, depending upon state laws and the terms of your policy.

Normally your insurance will provide you with coverage for liability and any optional coverages you place on your vehicle when you are driving your car. Most insurance policies will also extend this coverage to rental cars as well, though again it differs according to the terms of your policy.

Your liability coverages also normally follow you when you drive other cars, such as a friend's automobile that you borrow. However in this case your friend's insurance (the car owner) would usually be the primary insurance coverage for the car and yours would be secondary or excess if their limits were exceed in the claims process.

If you do not own a car but want an auto insurance policy for yourself and to follow you no matter what car you drive then you could obtain a non-owners policy. This generally would cover you for a rental car and would be like the policy mentioned above in that it would be secondary or excess if you were driving your friend's vehicle.

If you have several vehicles of your own and want insurance to cover any one of them that you will drive, then you will need to have all the vehicles listed on your policy so that each car is known to the insurance company and properly covered.

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    I have been looking into getting into car sales. It would be a side business, not a full time job. I called insurance companies for information on what coverage is needed to be a wholesale car dealer but haven't hear back. I don't have a car lot. I plan on selling one or two cars per month. I need to know what coverage is needed and the price to see if it's worth going for the license in California.