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Is there jail time for people driving with no insurance for the 3rd time in 2 years in Minnesota?


Yes, jail time is a potential penalty one might face if they have been convicted of driving without insurance for a third time within 2 years in the state of Minnesota.

Section 169.791 of the Minnesota Statutes is titled Criminal penalty for failure to produce proof of insurance. Here it states that every driver shall have in possession at all times when operating a vehicle and shall produce on demand of a peace officer proof of insurance in force at the time of the demand covering the vehicle being operated. If the driver does not produce the required proof of insurance upon the demand of a peace officer, the driver is guilty of a misdemeanor. A person is guilty of a gross misdemeanor who violates this section within ten years of the first of two prior convictions.

Subdivision 6 of this law gives the penalties as follows:

In addition to any sentence of imprisonment that the court may impose, the court shall impose a fine of not less than $200 nor more than the maximum fine applicable to misdemeanors [$1000] upon conviction under this section. The court may allow community service in lieu of any fine imposed if the defendant is indigent. In addition to criminal penalties, a person convicted under this section is subject to revocation of a driver's license or permit to drive and to revocation of motor vehicle registration.

A misdemeanor violation in MN allows that up to 90 days of jail time can also be ordered by the court and that is for a first offense. So for a second or subsequent offense that is considered a gross misdemeanor it seems likely that jail time will be ordered if the judge sees fit. Normally a gross misdemeanor in MN can come with a fine of up to $3000 or jail time of up to 1 year or both.

If you have received a citation for driving without insurance, contact the court that is listed on your ticket to find out what your penalties may be. Get a free Minnesota auto cheap insurance quote here.


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    you only offered answers for one state.