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Good driver discount

Think of it as working ahead for extra credit: In some states, you can soften the blow of your next ticket before the cop even pulls you over. Massachusetts, for instance, gives those with three years of clean driving a one-point break on their next violation. Virginia automatically cuts one ... >>


Question: Does every little ticket affect your car insurance rates or just the big ones?  Like how does a parking ticket compare with reckless driving or a DUI? Answer:  Reckless driving is way riskier than parking poorly, and your car insurance rates show the difference.  If you get ... >>

No claims and no tickets? Congratulations! You are the kind of driver that car insurance companies love the most. You will not only pay the cheapest car insurance rates, as a preferred customer, you also will qualify for further good driver and safe driver discounts. Good driver discount / safe ... >>


Want a really good discount on your car insurance?  Be a safe driver.  Yes, it really can be as simple as that. Your car insurance company rates you on many personal risk factors -- your age, gender, marital status, ZIP code, years of driving experience – but none is so as important ... >>

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